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  1. Mike13Foxtrot

    R Pi 5 is here.

    Should be easier to make and they amped it up to be able to stock, they say. The Chips, all the plugs the GPIO pins all are top surface soldered instead of top and bottom, meaning does not need to be flipped over and back on line. Not sure, yet.
  2. Mike13Foxtrot

    R Pi 5 is here.

    The New Raspberry Pi 5 is coming out. 4gb and 8gb models. Almost twice as fast as the 4. USB-C an actual power on button. PCI-E connector. 2 Display / Camera connections. still no M.2 but the SD slot is faster reads. Around 80 bucks it seems and should be in stock over the 4. All connections and...
  3. Mike13Foxtrot

    Voyager Linux

    Well my testing laptop now triple boots. MX19 (Arch), MX21 (Debian) and now Voyager 23 (Ubuntu) It installed alongside the others very easy, lots to look through. Updates, customizes very easy also. Gonna play around with it some more. MX has become my fav. Simple and easy to maintain.
  4. Mike13Foxtrot

    Want a trip down memory lane (for those who were there in the 90's)

    Looks like something to play with.
  5. Mike13Foxtrot

    Linux People and problem solving

    So I picked up an Evolve III 13 inch netbook for 50 bucks at Micro Center last year, 2 actually one for my Niece's kid, he is now 7 and it's a start. Dual core Celeron, 4 gb ram and 64gb storage both soldered. Light, has WIN10 battery lasts a while not really some powerhouse. Micro Center had...
  6. Mike13Foxtrot

    Right Place

    Added 4gb more ram, replaced the 1TB HDD with a 240GB SSD, don't need all the space for what I do with it. Now have 1TB of another drive to store crap on. Put it on my back desk where my laptop lived for bill paying. All that laptop was for, the only problem was and older HP kept MX updated pay...
  7. Mike13Foxtrot

    Right Place

    Still a 19 in monitor, CPU that can actually run Linux. I would still pay the 20 bucks all day.
  8. Mike13Foxtrot

    Right Place

    Well bad news, opened it up last evening, it actually has a 3.5in HDD. It is also the cage structure for the VESA mount. It has an empty slot for another stick of ram and I will switch the HDD with an SSD. Then just use the HDD at my desk for storage as I have an SSD desktop cradle I just plug...
  9. Mike13Foxtrot

    Right Place

    Got 9 more on ya. May be about time to retire. ;)
  10. Mike13Foxtrot

    Right Place

    MX running 20 dollar price on back.
  11. Mike13Foxtrot

    Right Place

    I took a quick gander at the Pie display with disk usage not in depth. Don't matter now as it has been reformatted for MX.
  12. Mike13Foxtrot

    Right Place

  13. Mike13Foxtrot

    Right Place

    I'll have to get some pics uploaded. The bottom of the screen still had the original plastic to peel off. Although when I checked the disk usage on MX Live before install, the 1TB SSD had over 600 GB used. Did not check files, just formatted and installed.
  14. Mike13Foxtrot

    Right Place

    Had to do some work at a Salvation Army today. 15 minutes lock fixed. Had to wait for a truck to back in so I wondered around. No reason to look at Monitors and small LCD TV's on a shelf. But then noticed one with a sticker that said Intel Inside. It was a Dell Inspirion all in one. With the...
  15. Mike13Foxtrot

    Solved I fresh installed Linux Mint 21.1 and have no internet. Dual booted windows does have internet.

    What did you install it on. I had Mint on an HP and never could get wireless to work no matter what once I upgraded. When I replaced it with MX 21 wireless worked fine. Just one day Mint seemed to not like the WIFI for some reason.
  16. Mike13Foxtrot

    HERE is what i do hate the most about "coding"...

    What is needed is a human interface language compiler. Like, you type what you want it to do and it is interpreted into machine lang. I guess AI could be the link but.... if we didn't have all the different codes languages we wouldn't need all the nerds. :D Too many hey this might work but to...
  17. Mike13Foxtrot

    Dual Boot Question

    I did just that not too long ago. MX 19 and MX 21 dual booting them now. Was Win 10, Set up MX 19 alone. Then with MX 21 it was based on Debian instead of Arch like MX 19 so there was no upgrade. I did not want to replace MX 19 that I had already set up with a few VM's for testing so I GParted...
  18. Mike13Foxtrot

    libre office writer

    Use Libre Base. Create and save.