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    R Pi 5 is here.

    I bought some rpi3, then a rpi4 & a 400, but found that I could get some thin client computers for less, so the rpi3s I have given to a 'code club', & my 4 & 400 are just sitting doing nothing right now. :(
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    R Pi 5 is here.
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    I need your Urgent help for running Tkinter on IOS (Urgent⚡)

    Nothing is ever urgent on a forum, people help out in their own time, so having got that straight. ;) If you can add all components needed to run it to your iPad, the answer should be 'yes', but sometimes things don't work out as expected, so if you can borrow a more suitable laptop, you will...
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    Reviews which are opinions

    4GB ram! - I am running Devuan Daedelus XFCE on a 2GB 1.2GHz dual core HP T520 thin client machine! :)
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    Remember me mentioning my computer issues?

    With each upgrade of DDR, the chips & bus run faster, I believe, so you use the ram more efficiently, that's how I see it... :)
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    best distro for my specs?

    I can run most distros on a 2GB machine with a 1.2GHz dual core processor, the 'heavy' desktops like KDE & Gnome will be slow, but I tend to use XFCE desktop, else a lightweight Window Manager, such as JWM, IceWM, Fluxbox, etc. Try running a few 'live' distros that you like from pendrives, or...
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    Remember me mentioning my computer issues?

    Same here, it's my HP G2, only use a couple of programs at any one time.......even on those 1 & 2 GB machines, just don't need a 'power house' of a computer......but now I understand why some people need all that ram...hundreds of tabs open....I've only got one pair of eyes! :D
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    Remember me mentioning my computer issues?

    Yes, 4GB is plenty of ram for normal use, I was using only 2GB on some of mine. :) I don't worry about browser cache, etc, that stays on the 16GB M2 SSD; what isn't used for the system is used as /home. ;) I was also running a couple of distros in just 1GB ram fairly recently, & whilst not...
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    Remember me mentioning my computer issues?

    I have been buying pre used for some years now, usually £25~50, but I put in a 'silly bid' on E-bay, for a job lot of 15x HP T520 thin clients.....& won..... total cost amounted to £1.67p each! They all work perfectly, came with 4GB ram, (I'm still running 2GB ram machines quite happily with...
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    Noob Question

    Midnight Commander is my favourite too, sometimes my only one, even with a GUI. ;) (If you want something similar for a GUI, emelfm is quite a good choice.)
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    Is LMDE 6 out yet?

    Yes -
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    Feeling a little outnumbered this morning

    Regarding numbers online at any one time, lots of people come via search engines just looking for info about something they are having trouble with, which is fine, nobody minds. I learned a lot by reading books, I didn't have internet at first, then only a dial up connection for quite some...
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    Feeling a little outnumbered this morning

    Don't worry about not being a 'typist', I mainly use 2 fingers, it works quite well enough...... ;)
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    I only want to install Linux on my laptop. I have formatted the windows

    Download an .iso of your chosen distro, preferably check its MD5sum/SHA256, then 'image write' it to the pendrive, boot from USB pendrive, follow the instructions of installer, reboot, & you should now be using Linux. :)
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    Feeling a little outnumbered this morning

    :lol: I pop in several times a day usually, but I never really bother to see who else is online with me, just read, (& answer if I can), anything new. :)
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    Likely just a temporary glitch, I use their Hotmail (free) service with all my Linux machines just fine.
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    Ladies and Gentlemen uBlock Origin has been defeated

    Likewise, some sites continually fight ad blockers, but normally they are overcome within a few days, & ublock origin has kept me ad free for the longest, so I always install it on my machines. :)
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    Kali Grub issue (cant boot kali )

    Lol! Learn to walk before trying to run! Use a general purpose distro, not a 'pro' version. ;)
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    Need help with Hardware Compatibility you aren't a Linux guru, but you want to install a pro pen testing distro - why? Start out with a general purpose distro, learn the ropes first, then if you still need a pro distro install one..... ......but most forums expect people using a pro/pen testing distro to know what they are...