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    Pop!_OS, or Ubantu for new comer

    Thank you to all of you! Stay safe and warm this Holiday season! Simple
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    Pop!_OS, or Ubantu for new comer

    Thank you so much. Gosh, per your recommendations, I did some searching and posted my question in the most explicit, direct and simple way. I had trouble reading Your tips (*distro favorites) page, It was way too confusing for me and did not display well on my I pad. The columns all...
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    Pop!_OS, or Ubantu for new comer

    Hello. I have a choice of one of these two distros. I am quite new to Linux altho I used Mint briefly. I have an opportunity to get a laptop with a choice of pre installed Pop!_OS or Ubuntu . Which would you all recommend. My needs are very simple. Mint was fine for my needs, and I understand...
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    Hello. I was thinking of getting a raspad. Does anyone know anything about this? I have posted to this forum before, but deleted my password and connected e mail address, so I **re Registered as 'simple one ' ** my last name handle was "Simple Person", incase anyone wants to look me up...