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    New to Linux

    OK, so this Linic VM is being used as a print server with many printers attached. The issue is with it stalling not any individual printer. See attached. It seems after a while the cups service stops and the command to srat it fails. As I said a reboot works for a while but I'd like to find a...
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    New to Linux

    The issue is it works for a while. For example this morning its stalled again and I found this log that just repeats Failed to start Cups scheduler over and over
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    New to Linux

    I'm new to Linux having used Windows, MAC and chrome OS but now we have a Linux VM we are using as a print server. Ubuntu if that matters. I have it setup printers installed it all generall works but it seems to afterr a few hours stop working. I can login there doesn't appear to be anything...
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    Ubuntu Printing?

    We setup a Ubuntu server for our print server. We have a combination of Konica and HP model printers. For the HP models that are capable of it doublesided priting works fine. I cannot get it to work on any Konica. The option in the properties only shows 1 sided. In the CUPS URL it shows 2 sided...