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  1. PlaceyAUS

    Greetings / Introduction

    Hiya David, you and I will become fast friends or in reality I will use you as an encyclopedia of knowledge and squeeze you like a sponge. I promise I will be gentle. :)
  2. PlaceyAUS

    Sharing folders in Fedora-Server

    Winter is coming... yeah I am originally from Mackay so the Whitsundays is familiar to me. A mate of mine grew up in Stanthorpe, can get a little chilly there at times I hear. I love Fedora 29, does the beta 30 actually become the official release when it drops or do you have to reinstall it...
  3. PlaceyAUS

    Sharing folders in Fedora-Server

    I have recently moved from Windows to Linux for all my machines. Everything has been smooth sailing and I love, just Love Fedora. Was a hater of Gnome for years... but have been converted. I have setup gnome perfectly and will probably not use anything else desktop wise for a while. New to...