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  1. ArcheyScrot

    Log monitoring software

    If you want something simple, I've always used logwatch to forward logging and system events to email. As far as I know, the newer (beta) versions of logwatch support parsing systemd journaling messages, but I cannot attest to that currently because I've only been using it in a sysvinit environment.
  2. ArcheyScrot

    Have you ever had to upgrade between major versions?

    I've never had to 'upgrade' our systems until recently. We were stuck on minor release upgrades for RHEL 5 for a while until it arrived at it's end of life cycle. Right now I'm trying to get everything squared away for RHEL 6.9 before we have to do real work with integrating into a systemd...
  3. ArcheyScrot

    Rasperry Pi 3 projects

    I am running a Raspberry Pi 3 as an ADS-B receiver using the Stratux software to track aircraft around my local area. I eventually am going to figure out how to forward the dump-1090 data to another piece of software that will be able to plot it on a more robust map, similar to what FlightAware...
  4. ArcheyScrot

    What are some tips/tricks for securing your Linux server?

    OpenSCAP. It contains benchmarks and mitigation scripts for standardized baselines across different industries. To name some important ones: -PCI-DSS Compliance Standards -DISA Secure Technical Implementation Guidelines (STIG) -United States Government Configuration Baseline (USGCB) Security...