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  1. ghostanon

    Kali Linux update issue

    For starters it looks like you've tried downloading the same file multiple times, hence the errror. Where did you download this from and to where. Bare meta.? VM? Dual Boot? Laptop? Desktop. Without knowing much, I would suggest this and in case you 're curious, Kali will break sometimes...
  2. ghostanon

    What is your home set-up?

    My only two usernames that I've used back in the day were actually given to me by others. Keep in mind this is 2010 timeframe. One was ghost because I had a habit of just dropping out of chats or only being present when there was stuff to do. The other one I got later was Ronin. I developed...
  3. ghostanon

    What is your home set-up?

    I only joined a few weeks ago. Most of the only messaging I do is through IRC. I joined while trying figure out why my brand grahics card wasn't working properly after exhausting every other resource. My username was the first one that was available that I typed in. I think my icon speaks...
  4. ghostanon

    What is your home set-up?

    It's so interesting to read through those. Everything from the sophisticated and flashy to "I have half a laptop I pretend is a tower." It doesn't take much, "all we need is a keyboard and a connection" as we used to say. It's good I think to get some insight as to who were talking to...
  5. ghostanon

    What is your home set-up?

    Something that has always interested me was the different set-ups that people have, especially gamers. I always wonder when I read posts, "is this person sitting on the couch with a laptop, are they working from home and just commenting from time to time, so on and so on. I was hoping maybe...
  6. ghostanon

    Linux-distro for gaming and multimedia work?

    My very first choice for gaming would be getting a computer built by system 76 which comes installed with their distro pop OS. They specialize in integrating all you hardware to work flawlessly. If you haven't checked out their site it's worth taking a look at. They have an option for a...
  7. ghostanon

    Need to find a good Linux distro

    "Good" is relative to your needs and your skill level using linux. But Ironically, I would probably recommend Ubuntu for you. Huge support base, they're always one of the distros that is included in driver packages for new hardware like gpu's and you have access to one of if not the biggest...
  8. ghostanon

    Why Do I Bother

  9. ghostanon

    Why Do I Bother

    Next time they comment, just politely tell them that you're looking forward to their next tutorial.
  10. ghostanon

    Why Do I Bother

    A wolf doesn't concern himself with the comments of sheep. Keep doing your thing. Remember, linux is also known as a community of people who think they're better than everyone else. You should see a lot of other linux forums. New users come on there and ask legitimate questions based on...
  11. ghostanon

    Kali Linux- can't change folder icons! Arrrghhh

    Kali's default install.
  12. ghostanon

    Kali Linux- can't change folder icons! Arrrghhh

    Are talking about desktop icons or your folders in file manager? You can switch file managers but be aware that it's not simple plug and play. There's not anything much better than Thunar. I've used Kali awhile too, in fact it was called Backtrack when I started. Is is Thunar or the linux...
  13. ghostanon

    Black screen with blinking cursor / not booting after installation

    If your able to get tty log in (use the ctl+alt on the right side and F1-F7). If you get this and can log in you can sudo su into root and try update-gub. You can also use systemctl to try and start or restart services such as xfce. lightdm, modem manager or xorg.
  14. ghostanon

    E: Unable to correct problems, you have held broken packages.

    Well remember, despite what people will say about what you should and shouldn't do, the spirit of open-source is being able to modify or change things to fit your needs. Regardless of your distro and how careful you may be about what you load you'll inevitably run into situations that need...
  15. ghostanon

    Cant connect to wlan0 wifi

    what is your ifconfig output
  16. ghostanon

    Black screen with blinking cursor / not booting after installation

    You can log into it using a live boot usb but I doubt seriously you'll be able to fix it. It happened to me and it turns out that the wayland server and client were prevent the x server from starting.
  17. ghostanon

    Black screen with blinking cursor / not booting after installation

    That's your tty. Try ctl alt F1-F7 and see if you get a login. Then type startx. If it doesn't take you to the graphical screen cut your losses and reload.
  18. ghostanon

    Having trouble installing Kali on laptop. Please help!

    For what it's worth, you'll most likely continue having problems. Every dual boot seems to go the same way at some point.
  19. ghostanon

    Troubles with stability on Linux

    That's definitely true. The good thing is I now know more about graphics cards and their drivers than I ever wanted to know.
  20. ghostanon

    Debian update failed

    Am I missing something? Is he worried about the software on his machine? I'm guessing he probably hasn't heard of distro hopping. It's not windows, wipe the drive and start over. If you're getting kernel panic you've got a serious issue. Either your kernel is corrupt or some piece of...