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  1. kc1di

    More Linux Users Very Soon.

    While many Windows users will simply buy a newer machine and stick to windows, A few my seek other OS's but most will not. They will give us many cheap used machine that will run well for years on Linux though. So keep your eyes open in the next few years for good stuff. Maybe even free :)
  2. kc1di

    New installer for Ubuntu 24.04

    Ubuntu has announced that they will deploy a new install for version 24.04. This will I'm sure eventually affect Distros derived from ubuntu such as Mint and others.
  3. kc1di

    Distrowatch Down here

    Maine USA
  4. kc1di

    Distrowatch Down here

    It loading fine Here where are you located?
  5. kc1di

    Cheap USB WiFi adapter that supports Linux

    Panda's work well with Linux
  6. kc1di

    Is Debian 12 Bookworm becoming unstable?

    I think the key is all my machines run intel graphics cards. I have no need for Nvidia and they seem to be the ones with the problems. 6.1.0-18 is working fine here. Debian 12 has been solid since installing it. No problems at all.
  7. kc1di

    is there a recommend directory to install apps, for the example, nodejs?

    most programs would be installed in the opt folder. But you will have to have root privileges to copy them there. I often just use my /home folder/partition and place them there. But it's up to you. Nodejs how ever is in the Ubuntu repositories and should be installed via apt or package...
  8. kc1di

    [solved] Help with installing linux on chromebook

    Why would you need to open the laptop case? Should not have to do that.
  9. kc1di

    [solved] Help with installing linux on chromebook

    One thing you have to do is turn on Developer mode on the Chrome OS in order to install a Linux OS. This page may be of help to you. Not all chromebooks will allow Linux install. Usually the ones with Intel processor will work while ones with ARM processors will not. Make sure you follow the...
  10. kc1di

    Is Debian 12 Bookworm becoming unstable?

    I Been using Debian for many years and it has always been very stable and reliable. You maybe reading too much into some of those reports. I'm currently using kernel 6.1.0-18 with no problems.
  11. kc1di

    What Linux distros load entirely into RAM?

    Anti-x has an option if you use the fugal install to load entirely to ram.
  12. kc1di

    NVIDIA NVS 4200M overheating at Linux Mint 21.3 MATE

    You should not have to purge nvidia Drivers. You can just Blacklist them in /etc/modeprobe.d and make sure nouveau driver is not blacklisted and is installed. Good luck.
  13. kc1di

    NVIDIA NVS 4200M overheating at Linux Mint 21.3 MATE

    If the Nouveau driver seems to work for you why use the nvidia one? Nvidia Linux drivers are not the best, depending on the GPU. Only real reason to Switch from Nouveau is if 1. It does not let the card work or 2. does not preform the needed tasks. So my advise would be to go back to the...
  14. kc1di

    Beware of the usb stick you buy.

    I have always used sandisk sticks and never had a problem with them. But any USB stick can become faulty after awhile. So just be for warned they may crap out on you at any time.
  15. kc1di

    Beware of the usb stick you buy.

    Warning some new and cheap USB sticks not up to par as reported by the Register.
  16. kc1di

    Solved How should we write the word "linux"?

    With a capitol L (Linux) as was posted above. But my reason is that my spell check always hit on linux but does not on Linux :)
  17. kc1di

    Kubuntu 24.04 LTS to stay with QT5 and KDE 5

    It was voted on by the Kubuntu Developement team to stay with KDE 5 for the up comming 24.04 LTS release KDE 6 should make it into 24.10 in Octorber.
  18. kc1di

    Partion related query.

    The reason that I suggested a /home is because with out it you are relying on a home folder in your /(root) directory which is ok as long as you give / enough disc space. You said it was 50 gigs with at 20 to 30 gigs is going to be for / (root) and that only leaves you with 20 or so gigs for...
  19. kc1di

    Partion related query.

    I think you will run into problems without a /home partition. You will be using the home file on your /(root) partition which may fill up quite fast depending on what you install and do. Most Linux programs use the home directory for some files and a lot of configuration happens there. These...
  20. kc1di

    For those that want to give KDE 6 a spin.

    Give it a quick try live. Looks pretty good. But will wait until the official release of KDE 6 at the end of the month.