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    "paramiko" is not installing on redhat

    You can install pynacl from This should fix your problem
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    Which course should I buy for kubernetes?

    I'll suggest to go through If you want udemy course, you can go through Hope this helps
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    Best cloud service provider for my case?

    If you want to learn and tight on budget, i'll suggest to use your laptop only. No cloud provider is going to give you a better specs hardware than your laptop. Instead of using multiple VMs, install ubuntu on your system and run minikube, docker. It will work fine. I also started learning on a...
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    Best resource to get a good grip of DevOps for a sales person

    To help your wife understand the skills, organizational aspects, and business insights related to DevOps: She should get general overview of current tech and tools used and why they are used Talk to your DevOps team in your organisation to understand what they are offering, their strengths and...
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    What is client and server in docker?

    @dos2unix is absolutely correct. You can assume docker server as docker engine. Your docker cli communicates with docker engine via docker socket interface. So whenever you type docker ps or some other command, it is sent to docker engine. Docker engine replies to your command and the result...
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    Linux admin to Devops engineer

    I would suggest to start with Basics of Linux and then move to learning git, python, bash, docker. Once you are comfortable here, you may want to explore Terraform and ansible for Infrastructure as a code. By the time, you have this much understanding, you will understand your way ahead. Some...