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    Another Gimp install question

    python2 has pretty much been deprecated for a while now. Having said that, no.. whatever is in a AppImage or FlatPack image is isolated from the host system. So no, the python versions will not conflict. python2 will only be in the image container.
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    Open source bash script used for gathering Linux server info

    lspci lshw dmidecode They aren't really bash scripts. But they could be called by a bash script. Software info depends on the distro.
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    Dual boot machine: Mint does not fully recognize my HDD

    What is the output of lspci and fdisk -l ?
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    Become a disk/filesystem guru

    I should have mentioned this earlier. But disk partitions like to have a "type". It isn't always specifically required. But it is recommended. In fdisk ( gdisk is similar, but slightly different ) you press "t" for type. Partition type or alias (type L to list all): L 1 EFI System...
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    Solved Ubuntu WiFi constantly disconnecting

    Looking at your logs, I don't see any rfkill or dhcp, or secure boot problem. What I do see, is networkd and networkManager fighting over control of your devices. Since you're using Ubuntu 23.10, I would stick with the default NetworkManager. This seems to be in a very weird state right now...
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    why only not resolve?

    What is your dns root server list?
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    Solved Ubuntu WiFi constantly disconnecting

    What is the output of... netstat -i Kernel Interface table Iface MTU RX-OK RX-ERR RX-DRP RX-OVR TX-OK TX-ERR TX-DRP TX-OVR Flg enp0s13f0u3 1500 68199 0 0 0 13402 0 0 0 BMRU lo 65536 91 0 0 0 91...
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    Do you want a guide to dual (or more) boot without the need for fiddling with bootloaders?

    I still have a dual boot. But I do it differently from most. I have two disks, I keep everything separate. I manage the current boot disk in the BIOS ( well actually UEFI )
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    Solved Ubuntu WiFi constantly disconnecting

    It would seem all your drivers are there. I even see an IP address on your wifi interface. Can you ping ? Why do you think this isn't working?
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    Touchpad Right-Click, Some Ideas For Linux OS...

    This usually has a lot more to do with the vendors than the distro's. For example AMD gives the source code for their RADEON video drivers out, almost all Linux distro's include the drivers in their distro's. Nvidia on the other hand does not. They keep their drivers and source code closed...
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    Solved Ubuntu WiFi constantly disconnecting

    root@abstower1:~# lspci | grep Wireless 10:00.0 Network controller: MEDIATEK Corp. MT7922 802.11ax PCI Express Wireless Network Adapter This is almost the same wifi chip I have in this computer. I have the 7922. I never have any problems with it. It didn't require any special drivers or...
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    Become a disk/filesystem guru

    OK, now I have my shiny new disk. I've created some partitions and I've formatted those partitions, great! Now what? Well it depends. Most modern distros have something called "automount" . When you plug your USB drive it your computer, it will usually just automatically mount your thumb...
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    Become a disk/filesystem guru

    I will briefly mention here, that even though you can create physical partitions on a disk. You can also create logical partitions as well. These are sometimes called "volumes". I will try to cover LVM (Logical Volume Manager) later. But for now, we will just go with the partitions we just...
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    Become a disk/filesystem guru

    Once you've decided on the partition table type. You then have to make the partitions. As mentioned earlier, we could do this with the gparted GUI, but since this is in the command line forum.... fdisk /dev/sda Note I am using sda in this example. You should use whatever disk is...
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    Become a disk/filesystem guru

    All disk drives use something called a partition table. There are two main types used in Linux. GPT (GUID Partition Table) and MBR (Master Boot Record). This wasn't always the case. Commodore and Apple II computers allowed you to format disks before Microsoft even existed. But they didn't...
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    Become a disk/filesystem guru

    You can do just about all of this in a GUI program like gparted. If you like GUI's, by all means use these programs. But sometimes, GUI's are not an option. If you have to something on a remote Linux system, ssh is often the only access you have. While using gparted can make things easier...
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    Today's article is finally an article that relies on two previous articles...

    I didn't know about vizex. One of the cooler python apps I've seen.
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    Splintered Thread from___Drive Failure Imminent_"Last Option"

    It would be interesting to know what distro's support secure boot, and which one's don't. I leave secure/fast turned on most of the time for the distro's I use.
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    Adding support for an experimental IPv6 Hop By Hop Extension header to a Router

    From CoPilot. Adding support for an experimental IPv6 Hop-By-Hop Extension Header (HBH) involves diving into the intricacies of network protocols and kernel-level programming. Here are some steps and tools you might find useful: Understanding IPv6 Extension Headers: Familiarize yourself...
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    Loading desktop takes over 1 minute.

    Video card and RAM look good. How about.. lspci | grep -i ssd