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  1. High-User

    Discontent with Linux.

    Hardware when it drops on your toe hurts pretty much as if your girlfriend or wife had stepped on it. Software hurts as if your girlfriend broke up with you suddenly, because you don't know what happened. Was it my fault, was it hers, did I do something wrong, wasn't it meant to happen, etc...
  2. High-User

    Discontent with Linux.

    The problem was the amount of Hard Resets I had to do. It would eventually burst the hardware out. Loved the system; System didn't love me back; Crying at social media. I haven't done that even for my EXs. Linux hurt me badly. I guess I never did. I'd appreciate everything you'd help me...
  3. High-User

    GRUB screen does not open.

    If I recall correctly, you have to press a key to access the GRUB, dual boot or not, and then you do some config to always start GRUB. That key being supposedly Holding Shift.
  4. High-User

    Quick Question.

    What happens if you accidentally, or because you were not sure, use a terminal installation command twice, for example, PPA repository, Drivers, or if you added something like a new arch (add newarch i386), any, ANY sort of new file into your System more than once (of the SAME file)? For...
  5. High-User

    Discontent with Linux.

    Sharing my story here. For years, I have been a Windows user (who didn't?), but since I got into college, new horizons were open to me, and I simply fell in love with Linux. Everything on it is utterly beautiful, challenging, and makes you feel like you are in control of your computer, not the...