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  1. computerzoo

    Merging two partitions

    Hello there, I've gotten myself into a pickle and need some help. My laptop used to have two partitions, both Linux, one for general use and one for work. I decided that I did not need to keep them separate and have deleted the second Linux set up to merge it with my main OS. The only issue is...
  2. computerzoo

    How do I get started with Linux

    Linux is the kernel. A full operating system is in the different distributions. Since I'm guessing you're new to the whole Linux thing, here are my beginner recommendations It all matters too what you want to do with your computer...
  3. computerzoo

    Post a screenshot of your Desktop

    Ayyy, my kinda thread.
  4. computerzoo

    Firefox Lost Almost 50 million Users: Here’s Why It is Concerning

    Meh, Firefox has always been under the radar in terms of the general public for a long time. Partially because of Chrome and Google's marketing, partially because with using a different browser engine, I think that does alienate some people. Most of the popular browsers out there besides Firefox...
  5. computerzoo

    Looking for good 3d icon themes and system themes

    Agreed. There are quite a few packs and themes that are straight up patchworks of other themes or simply do not work. Ehh, not quite. I'm not looking for an icon pack or theme that is supposed to copy MacOS or Windows, more like have that 2000s application theming that was 3d and looked glassy...
  6. computerzoo

    Looking for good 3d icon themes and system themes

    Oh, I have heard of AND used Gnome-Looks before. But I'm asking if anyone knows of an icon or theme pack specifically out there. I've searched up and down GL for my needs and the closest pack I've found is the Obsidian icon pack which even then doesn't live up to that sorta 3d, glassy look I want.
  7. computerzoo

    Looking for good 3d icon themes and system themes

    I'm looking for some good 3d icon and system themes, especially for GNOME if possible. When I mean 3d, I mean in the sort of stuff like old school MacOS interface system icons or WIndows Vista. Things that have some depth, shadows and and colorful. Examples:
  8. computerzoo

    Linux cell phone purchase

    Ok, but there are a ton of Linux applications out there, especially on the PC Linux. Is the issue that you can't run applications you've used on other OSes (MacOS or Windows), there are already a plethora of equal or arguably superior applications.