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  1. Meecka

    PCI-e 4.0 SSD not working on full speed

    According to Asus site I have 1 M.2 slot PCIe 4.0 x4. Will try another distro today.
  2. Meecka

    PCI-e 4.0 SSD not working on full speed

    Hi all! I have upgraded my storage to 2 tb Nvme SSD WD SN850x. According to specs, it has PCI-e 4 and writing speed 6600 mb/s. I installed it to latest Linux Mint Cinnamon (mobo Asus TUF B550M-Plus) after windows tests. But speed looks like...
  3. Meecka

    Using Microsoft Office on Debian

    The problem was the x64 mark in PlayOnLinux
  4. Meecka

    Using Microsoft Office on Debian

    I tried to install Office 2016, but installation fails at about 2/3 of the progress with a fatal error in msiexec.exe Do you have an idea what the problem or perhaps the solution could be?
  5. Meecka

    Using Microsoft Office on Debian

    Hi all. I use windows for years, that's why I so got use Microsoft Excel in my work. So I have questions: how to install and use Microsoft Office on Debian? Can it be registered after installing?
  6. Meecka

    Home media server that allows web access with password?

    Seafile and Owncloud is also great solutions.
  7. Meecka

    my favorite desktops

    Can you make a poll at the start of the topic? It will be interesting to watch which desktop is most popular on this forum. I like KDE
  8. Meecka

    HDD enterprise vs normal

    Topic starter says, that he don't want to pay much more. The 2tb HDD is almost 5 times cheaper :rolleyes:
  9. Meecka

    HDD enterprise vs normal

    There is a tons of used HDD from Chia coin farming now, get two and make it work in Raid mode. Just don't buy SMR drives and be happy
  10. Meecka

    I'm looking for a cloud service that can sync with Ubuntu

    Why don't just mount OneDrive as external storage with rclone?
  11. Meecka

    What's the best IDE for linux users?

    I use PHPStorm from Jetbrains. They do great job with its products, I think it's very good time saver
  12. Meecka

    Intel or Ryzen

    I own Intel CPUs for years and all you get is stable drivers. Ryzen now way better for it's price. If you use Linux you get all benefits of using AMD devices.
  13. Meecka

    Linux on external SSD or HHD

    I want to share how I use Linux. I bought NVME ssd with USB 3.1 enclosure. I plug it to my laptop in USB 3.1 gen 2 port and get speed 2000mb/s. The Linux work perfectly and I even have no notable differences with OEM SSD. Check your laptops ports specification before buy enclosure. Mine is Orico