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  1. Vektor

    Solved How do you backup your system configuration?

    Like the venerable Puppy user Mike I use an OS that does not need a backup: Porteus. All user and custom settings are saved to a module and a simple copy n paste is all that is needed. Bullet proof. Vektor
  2. Vektor

    Solved autokey-xdotool key press and hold

    Xmacro is a program I have used for years. Very configurable and easy to record. It relies on windows being in the same place, so changes in screen res or multiple monitors will wreak havoc. Vektor
  3. Vektor

    Instant Workstation - Use Linux, BSD, Haiku, TempleOS in web browser

    Also and
  4. Vektor

    Solved Linux vs hp

    I still have my account. Tried to install the host but failed. Nothing for Slackware that I saw. Tried generic and failed. Cool though that they can do native Linux now. Thanks for the heads up. I will stay on topic now. Vektor
  5. Vektor

    Solved Linux vs hp

    At least 5 years ago is when I did not like it. Thanks I will check it out. Vektor
  6. Vektor

    Solved Linux vs hp

    Too bad YUMI does not work for linux. Wine does not count. That is why I did not like Teamviewer. Vektor
  7. Vektor

    Solved Linux vs hp

    Yumi has two versions, bios and uefi. Make sure it matches the computer boot. Vektor
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    Best linux distribution for beginners

    The word "beginners" seems misleading to me. Someone with zero experience using a computer comes to mind. If I were to try to guide someone to Linux it would be with a "live" system. Any mainstream live Linux will be a good starting point. Once they learn the basics their willingness to...
  9. Vektor

    It's time for a poll. How long have you used Linux?

    5 years for me. My Linuxmobile has the top down permanently with the Windows removed completely. Vektor
  10. Vektor

    It's time for a poll. How long have you used Linux?

    If there is a category for "drive by linuxing" , that is where I am. Vektor
  11. Vektor

    I officially give up - how do you xfer files between a windows laptop and a Linux mint desktop?

    M$Windows usually throws a monkey wrench into the works. Best to jump in with both feet and see what happens. I know DWService needs to be run as root to install but I do not know about the portable aspect. Good luck. Vektor
  12. Vektor

    Post a screenshot and the config of your Conky

    Hi KGIII The little thingy in your post #5 is too funny. Made my day. Back on topic... I made seperate Conky windows for individual aspects : CPU, ram and swap, upload-download, ports, disk I/O and disk usage. Only bring them up as needed. In KDE I set the little Conkies to "always on top"...
  13. Vektor

    I officially give up - how do you xfer files between a windows laptop and a Linux mint desktop?

    I too have given up and have 3 filesharing programs for just this case. Dukto resembles a phone and is simple. Each computer needs it running to work. Local network only. Lanxchange is a Java app and is also simple. Each computer needs it running to...
  14. Vektor

    Why Is Apple's USB-C Cable $130?

    Just read this on hackaday Vektor
  15. Vektor

    Google's new maneuver against the free internet

    If THEM / THEY come knocking @ my door it will not be because I tried to cover my tracks. Plausible deniability. You did not read this here. Vektor
  16. Vektor

    Audacity and other programs lifting system library requirements

    Such is life. I was totally happy with Porteus KDE 32 bit and then somebody with the ID10T error came along and invented 64 bit. Harrumph! Vektor
  17. Vektor

    daily linux problems

    Too funny. Vektor
  18. Vektor

    Best way to study in bed?

    Be alone. Vektor
  19. Vektor

    The divorce is final. Now to ditch MS for good! (And a bit of useful info.)

    @STaylor I have had errily similar water problems as you. I ended up replacing all pvc with copper. Sweat soldered. Bullet proof. I also installed brass ball valves on all equipment connections. There is a system that senses water leaks and shuts off the supply. Do a Duck search for that. Vektor
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    daily linux problems

    @Condobloke Do not forget $cash$ Vektor