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    Cannot connect to the internet

    Based on the output of the ip -s link show command, it seems that your network interface is up and running. However, you may have a problem with your DNS resolution or default gateway. You can check your DNS resolution by using the nslookup command. For example, try running nslookup
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    Solved Testing the question format

    I think it's a great idea to give the users/OP the ability to choose the best answers and mark the question as resolved. This will help to improve the overall organization and clarity of the conversation.
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    Thank you Linux

    One reason for this fragmentation is that each distribution is developed and maintained by different groups of people with different priorities, goals, and philosophies. While some distros aim to be user-friendly and easy to use, others prioritize customization and control. Additionally, distros...
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    PAM script login / disk formatting

    It's not recommended to perform such extreme actions like formatting a partition or disk on failed login attempts, as this can result in unintended data loss. It's better to use a more moderate approach such as disabling the account or notifying the system administrator. That being said, if you...
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    Installing python library's

    It seems that the library beautifulsoup4 is not installed in your Python environment. To install the library, you can try running the following command in your terminal: Copy code pip install beautifulsoup4 If you have multiple Python versions installed on your system, you may need to specify...
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    How to create pbuilder image ? g++ not found

    From the error log, it looks like the issue is with the package dependencies for libc6-dev:arm64, libstdc++-8-dev:arm64, g++-8, build-essential, and g++. These packages seem to have unmet dependencies that are preventing them from being configured properly. One solution would be to add a...
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    Best Linux distro for me.

    As a podcaster and content creator, you'll want a Linux distribution that is both user-friendly and versatile. Here are a few options that might suit your needs: Ubuntu Studio: This is a specialized version of Ubuntu Linux that comes with a suite of multimedia production tools pre-installed...
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    Depends: kali-themes but it is not installed

    It sounds like you need to install the "kali-themes" package to resolve the dependency issue you're seeing. You can do this using the following command in your Kali Linux WSL2 terminal: csharpCopy code sudo apt-get install kali-themes Once you have installed the kali-themes package, you can...
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    Which is the best suitable Top Linux website? DistroWatch is so wrong.

    It is true that DistroWatch's method of determining the most used Linux distributions based on the number of hits to each distro's webpage may not be an accurate representation of usage. This is because the number of visits to a website does not necessarily correspond to the number of users of a...
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    Installing a deb package in Standard User account

    Yes, it is possible to install a deb package on a standard account using the terminal, however, you will need to use sudo command to install the package with admin rights. The sudo command allows a standard user to execute a command with administrative privileges. Here is the general syntax for...
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    my favorite desktops

    I prefer KDE
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    It's time for a poll. How long have you used Linux?

    I have been testing this operating system for a short time
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    Rolling vs Stable

    Very nice post!
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    [SOLVED] Install .deb with all dependencies

    Thanks for the tips for install this
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    Issue installing Linux

    Thanks for the information, I will try this
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    IRQ & Device Tree Tutorial/Course recommendation

    In order to properly handle hardware interrupts in the Linux kernel, you'll need to understand the concepts of IRQ numbers, interrupt controllers, and device trees. Here are some resources that may be helpful: Linux kernel documentation: The official documentation for the Linux kernel is a...
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    Understanding DevOps and Cloud - High Level Overview

    Thanks for the post, is really good
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    What's the best IDE for linux users?

    really is shutting down the proyect?