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  1. tom777

    Thumbnail problem on gnome

    Does anyone have any idea on how to make nautilus show the contents inside a folder on its thumbnail ?? you know like the way windows does it [look at the difference between two pictures
  2. tom777

    It's time for a poll. How long have you used Linux?

    poor guy at "18 month" is even lonelier than Tom Hanks in "cast away" :D
  3. tom777

    Please help me on below question .

    I don't think he's got much chance of returning the system to its first estate and most likely the damage is just too much But Do you think he might be able to do anything by changing the " root path " in the grub files at the grub rescue menu or grub edit menu in general when booting ??
  4. tom777

    Page opened by Firefox does not fill the screen

    I've had these kind of problems before and I learned that deleting the entire mozila file is just easier and gives you less headache
  5. tom777

    Of all the Windows Feature I Don't Wanna Give Up...

    Congratutaions and welcome to linux !!! before we go on I have to tell you something that you need to know and it's that "Nothing is 100% prefect" dosen't matter if it's linux or windows , they both have their downsides. So you shouldn't expect switching from one to the other be completely...
  6. tom777

    Page opened by Firefox does not fill the screen

    Have you tried deleting the entire .mozila file from your home directory ? for example "rm -rf /home/<your username>/.mzoila"
  7. tom777

    Opening a video file with VLC opens two seprate windwos(screenshot included)

    I'm not sure what exactly is audio visuilazation but since it's a laptop and I haven't installed anything extra or tweaked anything inside the settings I'm gonna say I don't use it
  8. tom777

    Opening a video file with VLC opens two seprate windwos(screenshot included)

    I tried what you suggested and unfortunately it didn't help me because the error message in both senarios was the same It's not a persistent problem . If I click on the main window quickly enogh after the opening the file(using either terminal or file manager) then the second window won't...
  9. tom777

    Opening a video file with VLC opens two seprate windwos(screenshot included)

    As I said in the titile when I try to open a file using vlc I get to different windows, one with controls and one with just the movie playing . I am currently on Manjaro using gnome but I also had this problem before on a debian based distro too .Dose anyone have any suggestion for me on how to...
  10. tom777

    Firefox user.js for Security and Privacy

    user_pref("media.peerconnection.turn.disable", true); user_pref("media.peerconnection.use_document_iceservers", false); user_pref("", false); user_pref("media.peerconnection.identity.timeou", 1); user_pref("privacy.trackingprotection.fingerprinting.enabled"...
  11. tom777

    Manjaro 21 and Garuda dr460nized need help installing

    I think first you need to check the SHA-checksums and see whether file is corrupt or not And you may want to change the application you use for burning DVDs for example I have used "PowerIso" before and it's availible for windows .Sometimes these problems occur because of the application...
  12. tom777

    How do I check what's the version of my Backdoor?

    I don't think there is command for it but maybe you can do a "ls -la " or just use file managers sorting tool to find out when this file was created and then do a little web search to find out during that time which version of metasploit or msfvenom(I'm assuming you created the backdoor using...
  13. tom777

    Crash after installing OS

    Have you tried doing it without "graphical install" and doing it normally ?
  14. tom777

    wireless issue

    Can you provide more information like whether the wireless interface get recognized or not?can see other access points in your area ? also post the result of following command " ifconfig && lshw | grep wire "
  15. tom777

    [Deleted Content]

    Yes you can install another OS like linux alongside windows. windows being able to see data about other OS depends on a couple of things like encryption, partitioning format used to install linux like whether it's NTFS(which windows uses)or EXT4(which only linux can view this and not windows)...
  16. tom777

    Manjaro 20 Boots To A Black Screen After Update {Solved}

    I did this and it worked for me: (first login using alt+F2) 1. sudo su 2. crontab -e 3. (now type this command and then after you finished typing first do a ctrl+o then ctrl+x) @reboot startx 4.and also make sure that cron.service is enabled if not do these: systemctl enable...