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    PDF To Data - Python help!!

    Yeah. That is the thing I need. Will it be possible if we use Langchan API Or any AI API? (I'm searching for free)
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    PDF To Data - Python help!!

    Hi. I'm making a medical chatbot called prodoc. I use just basic codes for that. I need to insert many medical PDFs and get data from those. So, once users ask a question, it will provide the answer. I'm a beginner for python & programming. Can anyone guide me, please? (I can't afford much). I...
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    I need your Urgent help for running Tkinter on IOS (Urgent⚡)

    Hi. I'm a beginner programmer. I'm only 16. I was selected for a competition called YCS. I have to present my app to them (Not Online; I have to go there and show it). I Made the app using Tkinter. So, I'm unable to transport my desktop PC there. I have an Apple iPad 10th Gen, I can use it. But...