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    grep'ping the highlighted text in .odt file?

    I did some highlighting of lines of text in a Libre Writer .odt file. And now I'm trying to grep them into another file using Highlight Color as the only pattern. I'm not exhausted but, i did look around and found nothing about this. Do you know how to get into a .odt file and grep out this...
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    Solved PHP Question

    hello, You guys did such a great job getting me to run thru what must've happened last time, I thought I'd do it again 8 )__. I'm using PHP in Included file to run thru the file system and print the .txt files, therein, to screen and I am baffled. It seems to want to print every file & below...
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    Solved hello

    : )
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    "Hmm. We’re having trouble finding that site."

    hi, linux v.Ubuntu Desktop 22.04 (i think) Apache2 server is having trouble finding my files. These are the three directories im working with : /etc/apache2/sites-available; /var/www/html; & /var/www/chlyde. This is what i did : sudo cp ../sites-available/000-default.conf...
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    iptables-restore doesn't do anything after reboot

    hi, i do (sudo iptables-save), Reboot the OS and (sudo iptables-resotore) . . iptables are still empty. Am I doing this right '8?)_. oh, when I do (iptables-restore) the CLI freezes, too : ( using Ubuntu . . suggestions? thanks : )__ nevermind, I think I got it : )) no . . no, I don't : | __
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    Hi !

    Hi : ) I bought a server blade about over a year ago : ) and am slowly getting ready to use it :)__. But first i want to harden the Ubuntu I installed on it and control everything the CPU is about to run by inspecting each command line before they hit the CPU for execution. I spoke with...
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    Gee, thanks a lot ! I just installed Xubuntu on the server with a usb. thank you very much for...

    Gee, thanks a lot ! I just installed Xubuntu on the server with a usb. thank you very much for telling me how : ))
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    Install Ubuntu on R710 Server blade

    hello : )__. I'll keep it short. I'm new. How do I turn an ISO file into a self-executing install media? trying to install Ubuntu on old server blade. thanks : )