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    Linux for a weak PC + Android Emulator

    I have Xubuntu with Virtualbox installed so android-x86 runs in a virtual machine. The few android apps I use seem to work OK for cheap WiFi cameras and Hive IOT devices. No need for other apps but Google Play works.
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    I've also used Bleachbit for years and haven't had a single problem with it. It's a well crafted time saving tool for removing accumulated cruft.
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    ''Cover Your Tracks'' say that my browser has a unique fingerprint

    With the 'Canvas Blocker' addon with Firefox I get: 'Your browser has a nearly-unique fingerprint'. I suppose nearly unique is a small improvement over unique.
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    What Do YOU Look For in a Desktop Linux? How Do YOU Choose?

    I look for an uncluttered simple interface without power wasting cosmetic frills. First tasks after installation is to set the screen background to solid black then disable compositor features. XFCE fit's all my requirements so for several years I've stuck with Xubuntu LTS releases mainly for...
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    Trouble while downloading Ubuntu

    Most netbooks, if like my old Samsung N10, only have 32bit Atom CPUs but the Debian 32bit install worked fine with only 2GB of RAM. AFAIK Ubuntu and derivatives dropped support for 32 bit CPUs some time ago.
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    Old Ubuntu Distros

    I've read the forthcoming Debian 12 (bookworm) still supports 32bit CPUs provided they are i686 or later. There's a certain satisfaction in keeping old kit serviceable.
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    Facebook Yes/No

    Never used facebook but from what I've read, it seems of little benefit to my lifestyle. Old fashioned email and a bog standard telephone serves me fine for keeping in touch with family and local friends.
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    4G And 5G Information

    I expect cheap 4G basic non-smartphones will become available before the big 2G/3G switch off. Don't want a Google or Apple spy device so if the worst happens, an alternative may be a de-googled or linux smartphone.
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    4G And 5G Information

    5G phones and broadband modems are supported here but FTTP and a VoIP service is much preferred. A cheap PAYG flip-phone with a 2MP camera for emergency use is sufficient for me, I wouldn't use a smartphone often enough to justify any extra costs.
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    Solved Business Laptop focused at very long Batteryruntime

    Lenovo Thinkpads are also built to last and great value if bought renewed or refurbished. Bought an ex-corporate 'renewed' Lenovo T480 with an 8th gen i5, 8GB and 256GB SSD for under 300 GBP last year. Added an extra 8GB of used Samsung RAM. It's proved robust with a decent keyboard and fast...
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    Ubuntu 23.04

    Thanks, the loglevel=3 worked perfectly. No more ugly messages when booting up Xubuntu 22.04.
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    Ubuntu 23.04

    Worth a try but it didn't work on this cheapo PC. It just crashed (froze) with a blank screen with both 23.04 and 22.04. Xubuntu 22.04 runs fine with the boot error messages so I'll just stick with that.
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    Ubuntu 23.04

    Just tried a clean install of Xubuntu 23.04 on the same mini-PC and there are still a lot ugly ACPI boot error messages but it does appear to run OK. I tend to give the interim releases between LTS versions a miss since they are more experimental. Will likely revert to my 22.04 LTS backup...
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    Ubuntu 23.04

    Strange, I have a cheap Chinese mini PC (Intel N5095 CPU) with internal SSD that also displays these ugly ACPI bug error messages when booting Xubuntu 22.04 but it seems to work fine. Not tried updating to 23 yet but I will now for curiosity.
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    how to edit a scanned document?

    Recent Firefox browsers (currently 112.0.1) have an inbuilt PDF editor. Not tried it with scanned documents but it works fine with downloaded government forms in PDF format.
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    Truth about Rasberry PI 4 is it's straight garbage

    Never regretted buying PIs myself. A Pi4B is capable of replacing a desktop PC for office use, watching movies or listening to music. Even an old Pi2B can be reused for running 'pi-hole' as a sentinel for blocking ads and tracking by simply plugging it into a spare router port. Sips electricity...
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    Turn raspberry pi 4 to a portable pc and WiFi router with VPN

    My Pi 4B has Ubuntu Mate installed on a USB SSD and can confirm it's fast enough to run Firefox, Libre Office, VLC etc. I also installed Raspberry PI OS on an SD Card which is also usable but a bit less responsive. Not tried any Microsoft stuff or using it as a router/firewall/VPN but I doubt...
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    GRUB Menu Showing Everytime

    One way is to edit the file: '/etc/default/grub': sudo nano /etc/default/grub then set the line 'GRUB_TIMEOUT=10' to 2 (or less) seconds and save it Remember to type: 'sudo update-grub' afterwards.
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    [SOLVED]I need a new Printer, but which way to go, your imput please

    Another vote for laser printers. High reliability and minimal running expenses. Most HP and Brother models work perfectly with Linux.
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    Solved REDO BACKUP vs want simple, easy to do backup....Here it is.

    Not like-for-like but it can sometimes be advantageous to have backups and restoration tools totally independent of an installed OS on a bootable USB drive. These tools can be particularly useful with multi-boot systems.