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    Generic Chromebook Issues

    Yes I have everything configured with SeaBIOS. My output to inxi -N: Device-1: Intel Wireless 7265 driver: iwlwifi
  2. J

    Generic Chromebook Issues

    Hi everyrone, This probably could have been made into seperate posts, however I believe the issues are at least somewhat similar in type as well as skill level. The first problem I have with my Acer Chromebook running Linux Lite (however I had the same issues with GalliumOS), is that after using...
  3. J

    Learning Linux

    Hello! I have been using Linux for a couple years now, and I am deciding to finally sit down and thoroughly learn Linux. I am using an Acer Chromebook with SeaBIOS running Linux Lite -- an xfce distro. After looking through many of the "learn Linux" books, I am seeing that most of them base...