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    My Lenovo S145's Synaptics Touchpad isn't working on any Linux distro, but it's compatible on my Windows OS (Dual Boot)

    My Synaptics Touchpad isn't responsive at all. It doesn't react to any action i perform on it, even the right and left clicks. When i run xinput, it doesn't show up in the output or when i run cat /proc/bus/input/devices | grep -I touchpad. I think this is a kernel issue and that my touchpad...
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    Error While Changing Wifi-Adapter To Monitor Mode on VMware

    So i'm doing a hacking course on Udemy and trying to do the airodump-ng commands myself and i bought a new external wireless adapter for it and it connects perfectly to the host device, but when i try to change it to the monitor mode, it just doesn't happen. Here are the inputs and outputs of...