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    Can anyone else post on this website?

    I am unable to post on this website I am signed in. I have contacted the administrator probably 25 times to seek help. I have never once been answered by the admin. People post on this site every day. On my end I have no "new topic" button and I have no "reply"...
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    Report error that occurs during startup

    Sometimes an error occurs during system startup and then a window pops up saying "an error occurred. Do you want to report it? Yes or No". When this occurs and I choose to report it, how is the message sent, where is it sent to and what happens as a result of me sending the message?
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    Is there a better alternative to ZIM?

    I've been using Zim for a few year to keep all my notes, etc. I've got a mountain of stuff saved. I am always rearranging and trying new ways of organizing my notes for easier and better searching. But I still end up with more clutter than I hope for. I love Zim but often wonder if anyone has...
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    Partion related query.

    Make a separate /Home. It is so easy there is no excuse not to. Also, /Home serves a completely separate purpose than everything else. It is good to have it set aside. If you break /Home it can be restored without messing with /. If you break / your /Home is safe. Just do it. You will never wish...
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    Solved How do you backup your system configuration?

    After years of not doing backups, because I let myself be confused by every-ones picky-uny requirements for backing up only specific files and not wanting to take any effort or time to do backups or being concerned with "should I do full, incremental or differential backups", I settled on doing...
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    Can video progress bar color be changed?

    Usually when playing a video there are times when I want to backup or advance the video. However, the progress bar is barely visible because of the color. Is there a solution to this? Does it require file editing or what?
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    How to clean up a full disk?

    Wouldn't that remoe a ton of system files?
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    Deleted files did not free up disk space

    My problem was trash in the trash bin at admin:///root/.local/share/trash
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    Deleted files did not free up disk space

    I hear you friend, but I have no clue (after all these years) what "journal" is. All I work with is bytes.
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    Deleted files did not free up disk space

    You are wise o master. I changed it to 1 tb. Oops! I hesitate to change part size as it has failed in years gone by but I keep good backups now so I probably will enlarge the / part. You are probably correct that I need to delete a larger pile before it shows up on a 1tb drive.
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    Deleted files did not free up disk space

    I have Ubuntu 20.04 with 1tb drive. /home is on a seperate partition and / is on its own 53.91 gig partition with 43.67 gig used. Computer runs slow. I start it and when the desktop loads I see the icons jump out to the desktop. Other functions are slow also. I went into /boot/grml and deleted...
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    Linux Topology

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    I think I've been hacked.

    Honeybne...I don't believe a word of if. First off, if you can not spell or use coherent sentences you also can not function as a computer hacker (they say they love hacking but that they are not hacking anyone). They also say they know who is doing the hacking. Then they continue this...
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    Explain backup snapshot storage and deletion

    This answers my question. I do not understand how I could still get a full restore with the 1st full backup deleted but the fact that I can is sufficient for now.
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    I just learned a new command to remove the spaces in all my filenames-detox

    While researching your script I stumbled on this website... [code] This offers a great explanation of the 'for' loop command. I thought this might be very useful to others who struggle with loops, as I do.
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    I just learned a new command to remove the spaces in all my filenames-detox

    Thanks for the effort. Your method seems to only remove the apostrophes, not replace the spaces with underscores. I did manage to remove the spaces and replace them with underscores $ for i in * *; do mv "$i" `echo $i | sed -e 's/ /_/g'`; done I was not able to replace underscores with...
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    I just learned a new command to remove the spaces in all my filenames-detox

    The command is <detox>. Have tested it on a couple of folders and it works. It has lots of options which I have not learned to use yet but it does work great. It removed my spaces and replaced them with <_> (underscore). It also removes and adds other symbols when used properly (theoretically)...
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    How do I cd down one level ?

    Thanks for all your help. Problem solved.
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    How do I cd down one level ?

    Thanks. I should have known that.
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    How do I cd down one level ?

    CD up one level with cd .. DC down one level on the directory tree by typing the <cd name_of_directory> But how do I cd from </home/user/level1/level2> down to </home/user/level1>? I just want to drop back ONE level from a sub, sub directory but not back to the directory tree.