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  1. pjs012


    I much prefer having control over what I "clean" on my machine, so any maintenance is done manually.
  2. pjs012

    Mint 21.2 stable released

    I am also in Australia (Perth). I use aarnet as my software source - usually the quickest in this area.
  3. pjs012

    Mint 21.2 stable released

    Nothing from System Reports here yet - must be being rolled out incrementally.
  4. pjs012

    Mint 21.2 stable released

    Saw the blog post this morning before I headed off to work. Will just have to wait until the Update Manager is itself updated which will allow existing users to upgrade.
  5. pjs012

    My Experiences with Linux

    Thanks for sharing. I noticed elements of my first foray into Mint and I feel lucky to have had a (mostly) painless entry in it.
  6. pjs012

    Popular Keyboard Shortcuts for the GNU Bash Shell

    Yes, CTRL-L simply scrolls your current position on the screen to the top of the screen so that previous output is not lost. You can simply scroll up to see what that previous output is i.e. it's a non-destructive way to clear the screen. FWIW, I have a set an alias CLS alias cls='clear'...
  7. pjs012

    Making easy commands hard because..

    Many thanks. I am slowly becoming familiar with CLI commands/usage and the way you broke it all down was extremely helpful!