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    Nvme upgrade issues on HP ce3600sa 2020 laptop

    Hi everyone. I want to upgrade my laptops Nvme drive, and do a fresh OS Install. The Crucial site states the below memory will work, BUT are Crucial correct, I ask as the only information I can find on these is from...
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    Which Linux (not a mock question)

    @lane17 , could you run this command and show us the output, it may help to know what wifi adapter your using. I am using a HP Pavilion about three year old now. The below is the output showing I have a Realtec RTL8821CE 802.11ac PCIe Wireless Network Adapter which did not work without a driver...
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    Does Linux play well on AMD chips

    Thanks for the link, I had a look. Dell might be shipping these laptops with modified drivers, that will work as long as I do not change distros, that is why I was looking at more generic laptops, I have HP pavilion now, and it has been the best laptop I have had with Linux on it, Lubuntu. I...
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    Does Linux play well on AMD chips

    Thanks for posting. I had kept to intel since I found it worked without any issues for me, my one and only AMD Athlon based computer was built in 1999, nothing went right with it using red hat linux, which came as a set of 5 cd 's. When last I looked into AMD, people were having trouble with...
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    Does Linux play well on AMD chips

    Hi everyone. Do AMD chips perform as well as intel on linux. I am looking at a new laptop model>HP 15-eh2000na< , its a touch screen laptop which I won't really take advantage of, so not worried as long as the graphics on the Ryzen 5 - 5625U processor is fully functional for video rendering and...