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    offline software installation

    it is possible to download packages on one computer, save them on a USB stick, and install them on another offline computer running the same version of Ubuntu. Here are the steps you can follow: On the computer with internet access, download the packages you need using the command line. For...
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    Blurred and scrambled video in VLC

    I didn't mean scaling VLC, I meant scaling the Linux. If you have scaled the Linux, it could be the reason as it was the reason for my issue. I was so exited to hear that your issue is fixed because I know how frustrating it could be.
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    Blurred and scrambled video in VLC

    I have exactly faced this issue. Did you scale display to anything more than 100%? If you did that, restore it tp the normal 100% and your problem will be solved.
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    Lightweight Versions

    No, I'm not
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    Lightweight Versions

    Yee, you are totally right. Lubuntu is not that lightweight compared to some other distros and fairweight is a more accurate term for it, but many users like lubuntu and still like to consider it a lightweight distro ;)
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    Lightweight Versions

    Although many lightweight distros have no improvement, there are some lightweight distros that are actively being developed and new features are being added to them continuously. They usually don't come with many pre-installed apps to keep them lightweight but you can customize them anyhow you...
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    What best distro for gaming?

    Although I'm not a gamer, Pop_OS can handle any task including games. You can install Wine on it too. Zorin OS also has Wine Pre-installed and is Ubuntu based like Pop_OS.
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    [SOLVED] Some websites not loading in Linux

    I'm not sure but i think its something related to SSL of the website. Another guess is with DNS of the website, but I'm almost sure there's nothing wrong with your Linux. Can you visit other websites without any problem?
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    Microsoft account will be required in future Windows 11 releases

    It was clear that they are going to force users to obey their rules. The hardware requirements at first, then Microsoft edge that becomes the default browser every time you start your computer and now this... I'm sure it's not the end of it.
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    Uninstall Ubuntu and Replace With Windows XP

    Although I'm not not suggesting installing windows xp because of lack of updates, if you insist on having windows, did you know that windows 10 and 11 have a compatibility mode to run old programs too? It's accessible by right-clicking on the exe file and choosing properties and going to...
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    Useful website for helping choose a distribution

    Yeah, thats right. Generally Linux is less hardware demanding than windows and most users can use Linux, but for those users who require low demanding Linux distro, mainly the focus is on RAM as much as i know and a fewer number of them need Linux for old CPUs.
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    Useful website for helping choose a distribution

    The questions were interesting and I'm sure sure it is useful for new Linux comers, but i believe it should have some questions about hardware requirements too. I'm sure there are some users that want to choose lightweight Linux distros. It was my personal opinion
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    Mozilla and Meta (Facebook) are now actually working together

    The title should be Mozilla believes that currently the internet is much more secure than what it should be, so they are finding solutions for that issue..
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    Keylogger Hacker

    If you are too worried first of all you can purchase you're keyboard from a local trusted market instead of online purchasing and second of all, if you are comfortable with onscreen keyboard (virtual keyboard) , use them. In this case you shouldn't be worried that much about physical Keylogger.
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    Window tiling manager in desktop environments?

    The best windows tiling i have seen is in Pop_OS. But you can only install it on gnome based environment. It works with Gnome shell 3.38 and above. It automatically resize and repositions new windows in a nice way. If you want to try or install that, you should search for pop os shell.
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    Will be joining the metaverse???

    I believe Linux community has almost the same opinion about Microsoft and Facebook products. At least it's my personal opinion.
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    When people ask why you use Linux over Windows,Mac,and Chrome OS what do you tell them?

    Linux has different distros with different interface for different tastes You don't have any privacy issue on Linux compared to windows You have much less security issues when you choose Linux over windows You don't have to install Antivirus or other security related software on Linux that...
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    Touch screen Laptop compatible Linux OS?

    There is a Linux distro which is nice looking and mainly designed for touchscreen tablets and devices, it has an interface like android and you also can run android apps on it. It's called JingOS. I tried it some months ago on flash USB and it's kinda minimal Linux with low resources usage. I...
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    linux for 2 years old :)

    Trisquel Linux has a version called Trisquel Sugar TOAST which is a lightweight distro and it has mainly designed for children and interactive learning. It could be a good point to start from.
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    Today's article is more privacy than security related - but it could definitely be security related...

    Yes, I did read both posts here and on the website, but the link i provided was a response to the Gitlab link posted by craigevil for users who want to download it directly and fast :)