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  1. N logo licensing

    It's from RPCS3 website, they recreated's logo and used that as an icon for download button
  2. N logo licensing

    Oh that's a bummer :( but I understand. Thanks for the reply, really wish this was in the public domain, such a nice logo.
  3. N logo licensing

    Thanks, I actually posted my message the same time as you but mine was stuck in the moderation queue but thanks for tagging Rob!
  4. N logo licensing

    Thanks for the reply! What about the licensing? Can we use the logo for something like "Download for Linux" button icons on our websites?
  5. N logo licensing

    I love the logo, I think it's modern and stylish and I would love to use it as a Linux logo on my website but I'm not sure about the licensing. Is logo in public domain? Would love to use it on my websites and possibly print it as stickers :)