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    Solved Can You Trim A Portable SSD ?

    I will keep that in mind :) In 2015( 9 years ago) I bought a Kingston HyperX Fury SSD. I was a "hardcore" gamer, playing with my buddies War Thunder One of my friends said "Don't use your XP because you will ruin the ssd" I don't know if W7 trim was running in the background... :confused...
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    Solved i have errors installing pls help

    ;) :) Thx god you didn't bought those 8GB of memory, what "the wizard" prescribed ...:cool: It could ruin yours or parents pockets... What I mean is.. today to buy DDR2, is like a gamble in witch you will have like 10-15% chance to get your money back in case wont work with that HP...
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    Solved Can You Trim A Portable SSD ?

    I have 3. One of those is a SSD filled with movies. Copies as a backup in case my property aka physical DVDs gets scratched. It is safer on a HDD also long-term... but Do I have to trim that ssd ? What happens if I don't ?
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    xz check

    I saw that already.. thanks anyway, but is a new one which have timeline, much more interesting... I wonder if we ever find out, like.. who is behind and who is that so called microsoft employee...:rolleyes: I bet he was a linux dev ;) Your turn !
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    Solved i have errors installing pls help

    gud ! gud that the problem is solved :) at last.. now mark it as solved ! There is a button at the very start of your thread Admins will very pleased if you do that See ya! Later edit: @newguy I read too fast.. both replies. So.. a wrong verdict due to fast reading :oops:
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    How Many Terabytes Has My SSD Written ?

    For the magic words ? :) A magic word will be MLC... ;) A 500GB capacity like yours, will have 4.5PB as TBW with a "reliability prediction" of 228 years, but from manufacturer you will get only 3 years warranty. Couldn't find(maybe are there..somewhere) an mlc-ssd with more then five-year...
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    Kali boots to GNU Grub

    Kali is a tool to test security in general You have to consider it solved and mark it such. My reply was a joke, OK! ;)
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    How Many Terabytes Has My SSD Written ?

    Are you sure ? Overwritten is same as written data.
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    Kali boots to GNU Grub

    If you wanna hack window$ I might help you with that "Super huge problem", if not I leave that to @KGIII
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    Ok, I want to stop you right there. First I want to say that, I don't know what kind of LLM you are using because I read the hole content fast and I'm lazy to do it again. So no matter what LLM or ChatGPT or whatever robot... you might have and use came from Sam Altman's OpenAI, right? To...
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    How Many Terabytes Has My SSD Written ?

    Before doing that.. That list.. is quite a mess there bob, so, what...what..what happened ! "Poor" Lexar.. poor puppy :) . Nowhere to be found the "1 year warranty" An Kingston SSD for masses have 160 TBW... but a 480GB enterprise ssd have 876 TBW Samsung(yours) have 300 TBW not 2400 :(...
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    Isch bin ein Berliner

    Isch bin ein Berliner
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    Private Messeging App Android

    If his phone is under surveillance will be hard to go unnoticed. First... are you sure that there where you chat with him is safe ? But before installing something he has to get rid of identifiers... IMSI - identifier is on the sim card. ISP related, as long as he use a sim, the ISP can track...
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    Post a screenshot of your Desktop

    Thanks for sharing that icon Yes, make one for me but only if you have time.. I will eventually succeed:oops: to remove the orange border with gimp. One great/another idea will be, to transform it into a neofetch type os logo and "set it" when the terminal starts. For someone who is or feels...
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    Post a screenshot of your Desktop

    That looks awesome, just that orange border don't make a match with the other ones.
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    Solved i have errors installing pls help will do you the HARD WAY, no! So, you don't need our help :confused: Found one... ALT Linux Rescue ~ 800 Mb Is the Mom or the Mam The one who take her children to the market...
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    Problem installing Wine

    You can try and fix via terminal(if possible) held packages If not.. try via recovery mode If non helps do a update and upgrade or installing another kernel(a custom one, why not) can be a solution. Then wine, as @KGIII said via apt. With Play on Linux you can, with Lutris or directly.
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    Ditching Bill's OS

    Welcome @Rockrz Question: What power had Bill when he went to Africa ?
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    Who are the CRC32C creator ? google ?

    In more depth... couldn't find myself much, but on github you wont find something relevant or a match to link that to google. The secret is covered or hold by both parties, right? As "deep"(but not really) as I could, I found is this crc32c. Now the c letter stands for calculation or.... I...