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    Are we OK with the Ads we get in this forum?

    im ok with ads I havent seen many but when i do see ads here i normally see mint mobile ads
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    ranger file manger

    I have the default configurations copy by typing in terminal ranger --copy--config-all I am new to ranger . So i still learning, what do i need to do see external hard drive on ranger and pricture preview
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    New to the Linux world. Need help!

    anything with good documentation and works with your computer . try a few before you decide try main branches first before you try forks.debian, arch and fedora. try Budgie Desktop environment ,Cinnamon Desktop environment and Xfce Desktop environmen. more xp like work flow
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    Redhat and Fedora will stop shipping LibreOffice.

    If you linux enthusiast just need a writer and dont care about any thing else in terms of office software then you can give AbiWord a try . Just make sure you save in either ODT format and if the person on windows Doc or Docx
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    Favorite apps you install right after the operating system or can't live without on Linux.

    If i use anything it btrfs build in snapshots or snapper . all my system must have mpv media player, pinta image editor, dnfdragora, and Popsicle USB Flasher
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    Redhat and Fedora will stop shipping LibreOffice.

    i look deeper at website the have available for 7.6.0 and 7.5.4 for Pre-Release. I dont think it is going to died any time soon
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    Redhat and Fedora will stop shipping LibreOffice.

    yes, but i wonder about the next version .
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    Redhat and Fedora will stop shipping LibreOffice.

    My question is even the offical website from libreoffice going to stop having a rpm version for download ? From my understand more then just fredora/red-hat use rpm. Notably SUSE/OpenSUSE and it spin offs been used for Enterprise office work for year.Their surely going to have someone step...
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    Immutable desktops ?

    Vanilla OS is Ubuntu with a immutable system already but it plans to move to Debian check it out if you like Vanilla Os
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    Xubuntu Core

    Debian Bodhi Linux Alpine Linux BunsenLabs Linux openSUSE (Tumbleweed) SliTaz GNU/Linux antiX Linux Porteus Linux Mint Debian Edition MX Linux Q4OS Sparky Linux Mageia Void Linux Devuan Gentoo Linux Emmabuntüs NixOS These all support 32 bit and are better then Ubuntu at this point . Ubuntu...
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    How to comment out sudo adim privileges?

    There been number of sudo vulnerabilities in the past . Rather then uninstall sudo,I just want to know which line do i need to comment out to disable sudo adim privileges. From their i will just use opendoas.
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    Fedora 38 has ten different desktop "spins".

    for the last few years i been using fedora cinnamon. But the new Budgie seem like something worth looking at. I be honest their some desktop spins that should of be axed for some time now . namely the spin SoaS and LXDE
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    Fedora 37 released... finally

    I going to install it today with ext4 and cinnamon desktop
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    Create an iso image from the existing fedora system, and make a bootable USB flash using that iso image.

    The default is Btrfs . most people dont know how to change it while installing fedora. also after doing some research it seem Timeshift can also be used on BTRFS. Their both available in Fedora
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    Create an iso image from the existing fedora system, and make a bootable USB flash using that iso image.

    i preety sure fedora comes with btfs file system. im 100 % sure btfs have build in back up. which highly relies on sub levels/snapshop on hard drive or usb. as DexTheDog said install fedora and then use the system back up for the apps/settings.
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    Suitable Linux operating systems for newbie and system specification

    look like your running a older nvidia gpu. upgrade the ram and gpu then you be able to run most linux distros. I would look at different desktop environment, Then look at which package manger / distro family you like best. As for desktop environments you should look at lxqt ,xfce, and...
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    Post a screenshot of your Desktop

    Never liked look and feel GNOME, i am glad we have chooices and that what make Linux so great. i general use the Cinnamon spin or Minimal.
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    curl error how do you fix it on fedora 36?

    this seem to fix it thank you