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    What Is Linux

    I am still not sure what Linux is. In the very old days, there was DOS and UNIX (and mainframe OSs such as BS2000 etc.). In the old days, (through the pressure from AMIGA and ATARI) those two operating systems where expanded to include a graphical user interface; Windows and Solaris was born...
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    Hello Linux Nerds

    Interesting remark... Linux doesn't support your old devices?
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    Hello Linux Nerds

    Actually, it is affordability. I am planning to build a fileserver for my home network. And it seems that a Linux solution would be the most cost effective and on top of that, I will have better control over the system.
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    MacBook Accessing Linux Server

    Let's say I have some MacBooks, iPads, iPhones and a Linux Desktop in my little home network (i.e. they have all internet access through the same router). 1. Can I start UNIX batch files from the MacBook on the Linux Desktop? (yes/no) 2. Can I access (read and/or write) files from the MacBook...
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    Hello Linux Nerds

    Hello world... this is the third forum I have joined. The first one was about a car and the second ons about a computer game. I am Rainer, 57, German, having learned some UNIX in a course and used it a bit (6 months) at work as a normal user. I have a university degree in computer-science and...