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    Help installing Linux on an old ASUS E200H (possible/reliable?)

    I made a bootable USB by following these instructions: I went into the BIOS on the ASUS. There were no UEFI options, although it has a compatibility mode, whatever that is? There is fast boot and secure boot, both of which I...
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    How to create Linux USB from ISO in OSX High Sierra?

    Hi, I was struggling to get Rufus to work reliably on Windows 10. It glitched out and made the USB stick unreadable. I then put the USB in my TV and it conveniently reformatted it. It's a bit worrying that Windows 10 could not recover the USB stick. So I thought I'd try to create a USB on my...
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    Help installing Linux on an old ASUS E200H (possible/reliable?)

    OK, I'll give it a go, but I may need to come back here to finish it. I'm not sure what distro to go with. I know that Linux Mint XFCE is lightweight, but would version 20 be too new for the E200HA? And should I stick with something more of its era, like version 18? Or does it not matter?
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    Help installing Linux on an old ASUS E200H (possible/reliable?)

    Hi, I have an old ASUS E200H which originally came with Windows 10. It worked for about a year and then it could not be updated due to limited disk space (32Gb). I tried to put Linux Mint on it (I think version 18), but it did not operate correctly and had serious issues. However I'm not sure...