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    More SWAP on LUKS?

    You can configure zswap. This way you do 't have to increase existing swap size. You can also try zram.
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    Getting rid of all the ads (on youtube, websites, pretty much everywhere)

    I think that one can install uBlock origin and this may solve adds problem too. I don't see adds on youtube or anywhere else.
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    The ULTIMATE Guide to Reasonable Security for your Debian/Ubuntu Linux Server for new Linux Admins

    I would set up server this way: Read a lot about Linux servers configuration. Then: 1) install Linux off line 2) remove all unused software (remove X for dedicated server) 3) disable USB, bluetooth 4) close all network services 5) enable/configure firewall 6) configure ACL, harden sysctl.conf 7)...
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    Linux partitioning

    The choice of partitioning scheme is individual. I have documents on separate partition so if OS partition needs to be formated, I don't lose anything and I have access to the latest version of the documents and config files. Swap partition or swap file usage in Linux was explained by Ingo...
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    Malware in xz

    No, systemd-free distros are not affected but keep OS updated.
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    Dislike to Linux

    This is the reason I never suggest Linux to Windows users. However, if you have problems with OS (does not matter which) you need to explain the issue otherwise nobody will be able to help. Performance (of any OS) is up to you. You can tweak Linux to get more speed: load faster, run games...
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    Sound stopped working after reboot.

    If alsamixer can't find card0, then first check if your kernel see system sound card. Maybe something happened during the update. So no kernel recognized sound card (card0), no sound.
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    How often do you reinstall system?

    I am talking about VM. Not OS running in RAM. To secure VM you need hypervisor type I and currently the best is Qubes. Qubes lets you running different insecure OSes in a way that VMclient has access to any hardware in a controlled way. So you can install Windows, infect it and observe how...
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    How often do you reinstall system?

    I don't like installing and reinstalling OS. OS is a tool that should work. The only time to install OS is hardware failure. Regarding security and VM. Qubes is the only VM hypervisor (type I) that is really secure so anything else and particularly hypervisors type II are not secure. As...
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    Does anyone here REALLY use slackware as their main OS?

    no, I am not interested in Gnome but there is Slackware community Gnome project. I am sorry I can't help more.
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    Does anyone here REALLY use slackware as their main OS?

    nope: Gnome 45: Slackware with Gnome 45 and this was 6mos ago. In fact the latest one was Gnome 46Alpha (as of Jan 07th)
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    chmod not working on ntfs file system

    No nuclear bombs needed but if networking fs is not an option, then NTFS will not do for linux and any linux FS will not do for Windows. My point was that. ACL between OSes will work only at the level of networking FS. one can also get NAS for this. Again not suggesting networked file systems...
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    Does anyone here REALLY use slackware as their main OS?

    Well, Slackware has latest Gnome (45 or whatever) available. There is plenty of distros that support only one DM/WM. At least Slackware is consistent (vide Endeavour for example). Officially there is KDE, XFC, blackbox out of the box, cummunity suported latest GNOME. Slackware is relatively...
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    chmod not working on ntfs file system

    Windows does not support Linux ACL, Linux does not support Windows ACL, BSD does not support Linux ACL, Linux does not support BSD ACL. Same goes with OSX, Solaris/Openindiana and so on Your problem can be solved with Samba and NFS and any networked file systems supporting ACL. Just make NTFS...
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    KDE plasma 6 offically release today!

    Two questions to KDE 6 users: 1) do you guys use KDE activities - kind of virtual desktops on steroids. 2) if you are familiar with KDE Activities, do you know if scripts can be separated? This would be fantastic as I could set one activity as tiling WM and second Activity as Plasma. Not to...
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    Is Debian 12 Bookworm becoming unstable?

    This is most bizarre post that I red recently. In short you are complaining about latest kernel because someone (not you) has an issue with nvidia? Is this correct. Ridiculous, because it does not affect you (not using nvidia) and also nvidia external module often has issues with the kernel...
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    Become a systemd guru

    SMF precedes sysemd. Solaris does not use systemd.
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    Did you try to re-create BIOS password or this option is gone? Also, if you ever updated BIOS, then see if BIOS version is the same as the last update.
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    Solved Disable transparenthugepage

    Maybe try vm.nr_hugepages= parameter
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    Solved Need to get audio and mic working in Lenovo Yoga C940-15IRH with no official Linux support

    Installation of SOF drivers is easy and well explained on their site. Unfortunately, you have pretty old kernel which does not support your hardware. If your distro supports newer kernels then get 6.5 or better. For mic to work SOF only may not be enough. I am not certain about this in your case...