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    Why does my computer overheat and drain the battery when I am using Windows rather than Linux?

    Good day Everyone! I notice that when I use Linux (Ubuntu), my computer heats up when I am doing normal tasks like web browsing or searching for files. I also notice that my computer drains the battery. When I have Linux on my system, I usually shut it down at night, but then when I turn it on...
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    Does anyone know if it is safe to disable secure boot?

    Good day everyone! I have been trying to find an answer on the internet, but its quite mixed in opinions. Is there any major risks of getting malware if I disable secure boot or should I just be careful of what I download on the internet? I have heard that operating systems like TAILS will not...
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    My settings disappeared from my OS

    I did run some updates and I download gimp. My guess is that it could of been an update. Thank you for the feedback, I did hear about Time shift in the other question I posted.
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    My settings disappeared from my OS

    When I tried connecting to Bluetooth, the settings would not come up so I decided to check and see if I could access it from somewhere else, but I couldn't. I couldn't change any settings, like WiFi or the background because the settings would not come up when I clicked on change background and...
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    My settings disappeared from my OS

    Earlier, my settings disappeared and I couldn't change any settings in Ubuntu so I had to reinstall the OS to fix the problem. Does anyone know why this happens or what could of caused it? Thank you for your responses!
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    Is it safe to use third party email client apps like Thunderbird?

    It seems to me like the services could steal your password through the application or something. Is this the case? Are there any risks in using it?