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  1. TheProf

    Is Linux Really That Harder Than windoze ?

    I think the reason why many people find windows easier to use, is because a lot of the applications that they use are made for windows and so the installation is quite simple and the apps just run out of the box. There is also no need to use the terminal, which for nonetechnical people, that...
  2. TheProf

    Post a screenshot of your Desktop

    Trying to customize Gnome 46 and seeing if I can get the theme to look like I had in Plasma a while back, I think I've come fairly close.
  3. TheProf

    Update on KDE 6

    I was running it on Arch when it was released to the main repo, ran quite well actually. Didnt have any major issues.
  4. TheProf

    How often do you reinstall system?

    I try not to reinstall often, although in the past year, I probably reinstalled Arch twice, mainly because I screw it up and I find it is just faster to reinstall than to fix the issue. Reinstalling using the arch script and putting everything back is fairly quick, usually takes me 30 minutes to...
  5. TheProf

    Welcome to New Staff Member - An Old Hand

    Congrats @JasKinasis !!
  6. TheProf

    Installing Games on Linux

    Not sure, I never tried. I usually go to and if the game is not listed there, there is a good chance, it probably wont work, or at least would require a lot of effort to make it work. However, it doesn't hurt to try yourself and see how far you get, maybe you can find...
  7. TheProf

    If not for certifications, how are you going to prove your skills in IT fields outside of programming to th HR who shortlists your resume?

    In programming, certs dont really have a lot of weight... just because you can pass a test, it doesnt mean you can program. Programming is about problem solving, not how a language works... So I would say, there is no point for certs. I am also a Senior DevOps engineer and I've worked at a...
  8. TheProf

    Installing Games on Linux

    No worries! feel free to start a thread on the boot issues you're experiencing, I am sure someone can assist :)
  9. TheProf

    Learning linux for devops-Recommend some courses.

    My personal opinion is that for any DevOps training, KodeKloud is the best. But each person has their preference. I like KodeKloud because it has a free platform called KodeKloud Engineer which is basically a hands on lab training to learn various DevOps tools.
  10. TheProf

    Installing Games on Linux

    1. I have to install Steam. A: Yes, for any steam game, you need steam. 2. I have to install Wine. A: Wine is basically like proton, can be used with games you typically install outside of steam, like world of warcraft for example. 3. I have to install Proton. A: Will be used with Steam...
  11. TheProf

    Solved How do I mount a newly added disk in Linux using LVM?

    The issue with questions like these, is that most tech people, wont respond to you in the way that you want them to, or might not even respond at all. You might be asking, why would someone ignore your post or respond to you in a certain way? Well, in tech, there is this hidden rule, where when...
  12. TheProf

    Dipping a toe back into gaming...

    I used to follow this channel when I was into Racing Sims, I dont anymore, but this guy does a really good job reviewing different hardware for the racing sim. I think the guy himself has a 100K Racing Sim in his house fully decked out with 3 x 40"+ screens doing surround gaming with custom...
  13. TheProf

    xdg-desktop-portal eating up memory

    I am not 100% sure, but maybe that could be a memory leak? Are there any other apps on your system using a lot memory? Memory leaks usually happen when an app fails to release the memory that is no longer used, often times rebooting or killing the process frees up the memory. I also looked on...
  14. TheProf

    Solved PHP Question

    Maybe something like this might work: <?php $folderPath = '/home/ubuntu/test'; $br = PHP_EOL; $hr = "<hr size='10'>"; $files = glob($folderPath . '/*.txt'); foreach ($files as $file) { $reading = file_get_contents($file); $wordCount = str_word_count($reading); if ($wordCount...
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    Thanks for allowing me to join.

    Welcome to the forums!
  16. TheProf

    Red Hat Takes Aim at Rocky Linux & AlmaLinux, Restricts RHEL Code Access

    I was pissed off in the beginning as well! Came out of nowhere, it is interesting that this is happening now and not before, but I guess the times are tougher today then they were years ago. If you look at RHELs financials, they are not doing that well it seems, maybe I misunderstood the...
  17. TheProf

    Installing Games on Linux

    Thanks for posting, I would just mention a few points here: 1. Installing the latest driver is important, but usually for AMD systems, the driver is already included in the kernel so nothing to install. With the exception of the GPU being nvidia or if you need pro desktop graphics which would...
  18. TheProf


    Agreed! This is something that I realized when I first started using Linux. Moved around a bit until I got settled on a distro that I like.
  19. TheProf

    Completely new to linux advise needed.

    You can do both Windows and Linux as a dual boot. In terms of what you should do, depends on your goals... Linux is very common in an enterprise like Windows. If you want to go the route of DevOps, Linux is a common first step, although Windows fits in DevOps as well, just not as much as Linux...
  20. TheProf

    Learning linux for devops-Recommend some courses.

    What are you looking for specifically? DevOps is just a way of working / mindset, etc... There are so many different technologies and job requirements within DevOps realm, its hard to just provide information for DevOps only. If you just want to understand DevOps principles, go on YouTube, you...