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    issues with kali and macbook pro 2017

    Shouldn't there be plenty of tools to take control over the touchpad and keyboard? :p
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    Upgrade HDD to SSD

    One small issue can be the height of the drive. I fixed that usually with some paper to avoid mechanical force to the connector. But apart from that sata doesnt care if its an SSD or HDD
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    Buying a new Computer/Laptop - Avoid screen tearing (and some more)

    That looks or like a virtual machine to me? Which distribution are you running again?
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    How to know which tool is managing your config

    I know what you mean and there for sure also others feeling similar. In such moments I remember always a post where one guy was so desperate that he's dns server always randomly changed that hes solution was to umask the resolvconf. And it's certainly not the most logic system invented by human...
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    how to config WebSite on apache in centos os ?

    With such an unspecific answer there's impossible to provide a good answer. Also depending of what kind of services your website provides it takes a good knowledge of what you are doing as misconfiguration can easily lead to some security flaws. May be some manage web space from a webhoster is...
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    Network startup documentation

    Here you'll find a good resource about networking on linux But to be honest I doubt that this will help with wifi problem as those are more likely in user space and therefore are more related to daemons and software in use...
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    CLI cheat sheets - which one do you prefer?

    Hm. It seems even reasonable to print some sheets out. Honestly I would never have had that idea. I don't even remember when I used the last time something on paper and its probably more than a decade. But the shell is usually quite convenient. I split it simply in a couple of tiles and can...
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    I can't share my laptop screen!

    I'm assuming the additional monitor is the one with 1440x900 as resolution. And you connected it with a DVI cable. Or I guess more precise DVI-I which can transport an analog VGA signal (like its written instead of DVI-I). Therefore its not a digital signal and with higher resolution it will...
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    Setting static IP address to UDHCP client

    I'm not sure if I understand everything. Has the client in the dhcp environment to ignore the server and assign it's own static address or should the dhcp server provide for as specific client always the same IP? In general I would anyway recommend man /etc/networks. In this file you can...
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    bash or fish for shell?

    Jupp, now bash again. ZSH began to drive me mad. Every time I logged into the console some environment variables where wrong like $ZSH pointed to / instead ~./ which resulted and of course the modules didnt get loaded. SSH Agent depends also on some unknown constant and refuses sometimes to save...
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    DNSmasq + webserver

    Looks for me more like a problem with the webserver than with dnsmasq. But without knowing some more details like which webserver (apache, nginx...) and the generell setup its impossible to guess.
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    Questions about customizing a Linux kernel

    You can somewhat express it in this way I guess. For Xorg/X11 its not that important through which interface the picture gets transmitted and x11 is just the server. But here its becoming tricky and I cannot say to know every detail. It should for example ne possible to stream an application...
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    CLI cheat sheets - which one do you prefer?

    I know them but I often have just one terminal window with a few clis open. Its in those situations more convenient to just enter a term in the console than bring the pdf in forground and looking through. Speaking about my 15" laptop. That of course change on a desktop with at least two displays.
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    Buying a new Computer/Laptop - Avoid screen tearing (and some more)

    Sometimes I just love the "Tab" with Bash-completion. Just hit it some moments ago and found a program called "xdriinfo". And guess what that program does? It displays just the connected screens and the graphic driver :D If not available, X11-utils will provide it. Just Enter "xdriinfo" and it...
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    Cool. I was looking now for quite some time for a serious Linux board / community. But sadly...

    Cool. I was looking now for quite some time for a serious Linux board / community. But sadly there are so many death web pages and communities. Nowadays everybody seems to prefer big and crowded places like reddit / stackoverflow ... So I'm happy having found this nice place
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    2019 will become a great year

    2019 will become a great year
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    Questions about customizing a Linux kernel

    1. The X11 System is somewhat different to a windows desktop and I would say in a practical manner its not that easy to uninstall it. But of course you can disable a remote desktop access. The usual daemons for this purpose are VNC and uncommon but as far as i know possible, is RDP. Both are in...
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    Buying a new Computer/Laptop - Avoid screen tearing (and some more)

    Not sure if that works. Lsmod shows only a single string per module. At my Intel driven laptop it's just "i915". So it could also be something like "HD8470D" and for the APU I have no idea at all. I looked also around on the web and found often mentionned "frgxl" as driver name in combination...
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    Buying a new Computer/Laptop - Avoid screen tearing (and some more)

    The HDMI cable doesnt look like the problem - if so the tearing would not stop rendering videos. It looks for me more likely that theres a driver problem as there is also something marked "unloaded": "Graphics: Card: Advanced Micro Devices [AMD/ATI] Richland [Radeon HD 8470D] bus-ID: 00:01.0...
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    Name servers dont stick

    dhclient writes hes DNS information also just to /etc/resolv.conf where a dns resolver like dnsmasq, stubby, unbound etc. takes the values from. So you may be lucky when dhclient is the only source for nameserver IP but thats not a given - for example if you use dhcpcd or NetworkManager, they...