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  1. zedki

    [SOLVED] Is there a way to force the terminal to execute a command?

    IIRC, & = execute the following command. && = execute the following command IF the previous command was successful. In your example should any of the previous commands fail, exit will not execute.
  2. zedki

    Solved How to fix Grub menu don't appear on restart in Ubuntu 22.04 LTS and Windows 11 Dual boot?

    This used to happen to me when I tried to dual boot Mint & Win. The answer on the Mint forums was to install Windows first. Then Mint, or in your case, Ubuntu. That way Ubuntu will overwrite whatever and booting will display the grubmenu. Good luck.
  3. zedki

    Today's article is rather focused and not well written...

    Don't forget that you can use most any audio file for notifications. Personally, I'm fond of the Barbara Eden audio, "You have mail Master!"
  4. zedki

    Newbie: Help Please - Found Traces of Windows After Linux Mint Complete Install

    You might get PureVPN to run from a terminal. Otherwise OpenVPN come already installed in Mint. You can get to it from the Network icon in the system tray. Yes it is true, you really do not 'need' anti-virus software. However, Wine apps may collect a virus and may infect other wine apps, but...
  5. zedki

    Linux Distro advice please

    Linux Mint has been suggested already. They just, last month, released version 19.3, a totally excellent beginner distro. I've tried several others, but; I keep coming back to Mint. Installing apps & devices is fairly easy compared to other distros that I have fought with. They have a most...