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    Issue installing Linux

    Hold shift while clicking the restart button on windows. That should bring you to a select menu. Select media. Then select your os media.
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    What's the best IDE for linux users?

    Atom would be a good choice five years ago. But atom is now without support as Microsoft wants users to use VS-CODE. Which is a good choice other choices are Vim, Notepad++ and Sublime text.
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    Virtual Box ERROR

    The commands online had a lot of error messages and I forgot my bios boot key. I'm considering dual booting instead with a LIVE USB stick does anyone know how to do that on Ubuntu.
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    Backup Methods

    Are you running a website?
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    Virtual Box ERROR

    After trying to run Open SUSE on Virtual box got this error.
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    Can't install Wine

    This worked for me
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    How do you use ruby on VS Code (linux)?

    How do you use ruby on VS Code (linux)?
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    Minecraft broke my linux

    sudo reboot
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    Can't install Wine

    Did you add the Path?
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    Are we suffering attempted DDoS attacks.

    Typically a DDoS attack has million's of requests.
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    Linux not booting up receiving error

    This has happened to me on fedora as well.
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    How do you delete touch screen driver?

    My touch screen has been creating problem's since I got this computer. Does anyone know to delete the driver. Thank you.
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    How do you install ruby on Linux?

    sudo apt install ruby-full did something. Will it work with VScode?
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    How do you install ruby on Linux?

    Thank you, but you Ubuntu wont let me type root verification.
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    Je n'arrive pas à démarrer sur Windows

    I think your problem is that you erased your disk in the Ubuntu installation, or, Je pense que votre problème est que vous avez effacé votre disque lors de l'installation d'Ubuntu.
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    How do you install ruby on Linux?

    How do you in install ruby on Ubuntu?
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    Undeletable item on Desktop

    It look's as if the files position is locked. Clicking the unlock button should do the trick.
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    Im thinking about creating a Minecraft Server hosting distro for kids and hobbyists for Raspberry Pi

    I think it could be a good idea. You could do a spin off of GNOME and create a application pre-installed in the distro.
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    wifi not responding is common for LIVE version's of a OS, restarting should do the trick.