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    Fedora 33 boot not working

    Look at this thread USB Flash Booting, can be very handy, even if you use only Linux.
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    Very stable Linux

    If you need just stable Linux, then only Debian. But I think you can look at Debian fork too - MX Linux, it's very popular and developers have good experience in Linux.
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    How long do you guys think it would take to become proficient in Linux, get Linux certs?

    The best way would be to stay in military as IT specialist. Linux knowledge you can get in some years, it is not so difficult.
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    Linux Ext2/Ext3 File System Driver For Windows

    Does it works well in dual Windows/Linux OSes, or not ? Many people report problems in Windows using it. Linux system driver link: Ext2/Ext3 File System Driver For Windows
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    Samba question

    Just copy folder to Windows pc, then copy also to Linux machine and enjoy video.
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    Open Port Worries

    Check open ports Check Open Ports In Linux
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    Samba question

    If you use two computers, one is Windows, another Linux, share folder to watch video via Samba from USB, then better install this folder in Windows computer, then in Linux computer, and watch video from hdd. Or if you prefer USB, then use USB 3.0 or 3.1. in Windows.
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    Best In The World USB Flash/Repacked GRUB For Multi Linux/Windows Booting/Install From Windows And Linux

    Here you can find best in the world USB flash with repacked GRUB for various ~500+ multi Linux/Windows distros booting/install from Windows and Linux. Legal and UEFI booting. Also with persistence in many cases. Main page USB Flash In Windows, List Of Tested ISOs, USB Flash In Linux. For geeks...
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    Issues Installing any Distro on New HD

    Just install via live USB - Rufus USB and Rufus FAQ, and before that make 3 partitions for each distro one partition. Your distros should work. Plus GRUB boatloader.
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    Where People Can Get Their Free VPS - 1, 2, 10 or even 20 ?

    Will check their prices, but firstly try to get some free ones.
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    Where People Can Get Their Free VPS - 1, 2, 10 or even 20 ?

    I I am looking for dedicated, but cheap one. Just for some tests, nothing more. If I can get free one, I will take it of course. There are many people in the virtual world, which have a lot of free servers, so I also want of course. :)
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    Where People Can Get Their Free VPS - 1, 2, 10 or even 20 ?

    There are many people, who have 1, 2, 10, or 20 free virtual private servers. How it is possible ? Where are they get them ?
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    Help to get full anonymity on Tails VM (Host: Kali, Debian)

    In practise Tails will give you full anonymity, because it is on USB flash. So there are no needs for VM. Just boot via USB flash with Tails. Tails can be used also for clearnet browsing directly, so this can be your main OS with full anonymity.
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    Multiple Focus

    Just reinstall - get from repo new ones and use only one browser - either chrome or firefox. With chrome can be problems, that's true.
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    Japanese Lightweight USB bootable ideas please!

    I do not see any problem. Download Puppy Linux in Japanese language and enjoy Linux. :) Puppy Linux Japanese Puppy Linux is lightweight enough to run on NEC Lavie LL550/T CPU:Celron-T1600 1.66GHz/2GB/80GB.
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    lost password

    Just reinstall your OS or from live USB another OS get your files, save them somewhere and then reinstall OS.
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    Help analyzing malware graph generated by Virus Total

    VirusTotal shows clean URL, not the file. If you have real time antivirus, just download and let's see. If something happen, then you get the virus or malware. But as this is xml file, do not think that this text file can be the virus or malware.
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    Any changes to make in bootloader while switching distros?

    Yes, agree, I remember - I also installed Windows on the second partitions - it was real nightmare. :mad:
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    Any changes to make in bootloader while switching distros?

    Main principle is - you can change bootloader only after you install something. Here you have two links for POP OS install - POP Install and POP Dual Boot With Windows. You can firstly install POP and then Windows. In Windows check Bootice soft, which you can find through Google.
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    Distros that maintain up-to-date packages?

    There are not such a 100% updated Linux distros yet, but if you have Debian, you can try to install updates not from repos, but each time new software directly from soft main page. For example, updated and fresh Libre Office deb file, you can find here - Libre Office 64 bit deb.