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    Changing routing rules if destination of port forwarding rule is not available.

    Hello, I am currently using iptables on my raspberry pi to reroute publicly available port 8000 to a server. The server as well as the pi are running ssh on this port. So normally I connect to the server with ssh via the pi on port 8000, though as the server has a slight downtime sometimes as a...
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    How can gdb access variable names (__environ)

    When a program is compiled all the variable names get turned into memory pointers right? How come I can attach to any process (I have tried the root process and the user bash shell) and print the __environ variable - how does gdb know at what address this variable will be? Is this what...
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    Why does /proc/<PID>/status contain four collumns of UID

    When you cat the status file of any process in the proc fs then under UID/GID you see 4 numbers in total, why?
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    LSF - Kernel boot hangs

    I wanted to test if the system will react to no fstab being present (kernel panic) - it didn't so I deduced it got caught up in one of the earlier steps before even launching inittab. Solution: Since I am compiling lfs on a M.2 nvme I had to enable nvme support for my kernel
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    LSF - Kernel boot hangs

    I am trying to boot into my LFS system - grub works, the kernel loads but neither fstab (I purposefully deleted it - no effect) nor Sysvinit seem to get loaded (no log of the launching of services). The kernel hangs on "Skipping autodetecting of RAID arrays ..." - the...
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    Is there a bulletproof way of running Windows apps on Linux?

    I am seeking a solution that works no matter if its professional or not, but thanks for the input;).
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    Is there a bulletproof way of running Windows apps on Linux?

    For me, one of the biggest problems with Linux was software compatibility. Yes, there are many open-source Linux-compatible alternatives to most apps out there, but re-learning tools is probably the last thing I want to deal with in my workflow. From my research wine seems to be far from perfect...