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    SDDM blanck screen

    Solved problems. SDDM show black screen because the default path was wrong. So once SDDM it's installed with the all dependicies, is necessary to change the default config, in order SDDM find files. Next show how I config /etc/sddm.conf file
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    mp4 conversion to dcpomatic format

    Hello| I found a software on dcpomatic, but it's not clear how to install it. So my is: It's possible convert .mp4 file to dfpomatic format using ffmep? If yes which param I must use? Thanks!
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    SDDM blanck screen

    I see I see slackbuild, bat I need to install qt5 and other...make nervous
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    SDDM blanck screen

    Hi! I'm try to install SDDM on my Slack 14.2 x86-60. I use the package downloaded form then I check the dependicies whith no output therefore I change rc.4 file and reboot to obtain a blanck screen. So...
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    How To Fix The Clock In Slackware

    It's possible that internal batterry need to sostituded?
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    About login manager I've try slim, it's work correctly but when I logout sytem show some messages, for example nm-applet. This is not if I'm using xdm. I'm not like other login maneger like gdm, sddm ecc...hard to install for dependicies.
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    About .xsessions-errors

    So I write this post beacuse I'va a doubt! With Slack 14.2 system generate file .xsessions-errors, indipendent if I use Xfce ore other WD/DE. So my question is: can I ignored this files?
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    Hello! I Want To Install Drivers 4 My HP Laser Jet 1010

    Wich distro do You use? Under Slackware it's very simple, bat need Internet connection. By my hplaserjet 1020 I do: 1 connect printer by usb 2 connect pc on Internet 3 open application HPLip Servicce to downloads drivers
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    Post a screenshot of your Desktop

    My desktop: Slackware 14.2-x86-64+XFCE4 & Cairo Dock
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    The choose

    HI! I write this post to show my questions? I'm looking for if it is a nice things to migrate from Firefox Quantum to Palemoon from Thunderbird to Claws-mail because Firefox and Thunderbird is not to much speed. On Internet some opinions are focused to Palemoon and Thunderbird. What do you...
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    Music player for XFCE

    I'm surprised! Whit Audacious under Slackware 14.2 CD is played whitout problems!! If you type dmesg | grep /dev/sr0 what response do you read?
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    Change your file manager

    If you don't have a chains, in this case file manager, I suggest you to try WM like fluxbox and similar, so you can "wear" your linuxbox with favourite programs. The reason lie to WM it's clear. Yes! You must find all programs and configure WM manually, so at the end your linuxbox ti's very...
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    Docker desktop for linux?

    Ok I'think You a re lloking for a dock for Linux :)
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    Xfce Popularity

    I try different WM, fluxbox initially, so I think that Xfce is good, simple and clear; althought I'd like KDE (It's big if you have high resources). So Xfce must moving to gtk3 to nice look, but QT beat Gtk. On Internet I saw some users to using fluxbox and similar, depsite haing an hight...
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    Which linux version is best ?

    Depend what do you want to do whit Linux. For example to my use Slackware is a good things: Libreoffice, Gimp, Audacius, LaTex and Internet. All under Xfce4.
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    Docker desktop for linux?

    There are many doker for Linux such as Plank, Doker and Cairo-Dock. In my opinion Cairo-Dock it the best. So I try it under fluxbox, distro Slackware 14.2 x86-64, whith some problems, so with Xfce it works so fine! My tested
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    Need linux version for very slow computer

    Try Slackware with next de: XFCE, ICEWM or Fluxbox. So the last two mast be confurate by textfile.
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    Best Distro for Laptop?

    Format your hardisk than try some distro, under distrowatch can see more end more. Visit each webpage to know the requirement.
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    How can I game on Linux?

    I suggest some options but you colud abbando windows, so you can play under linux in different way: Try Wine, as suggest from forum, but I don't like use MAME do play by retrogames (To me is the top) use DOSBOX to play abadonware use linux game.
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    PDF editor for Linux?

    In my opinion the best is MasterPDFEditor, so check if it's presente on your distro's repository. Under Slackware 14.2 it's present. I don't like to manage .pdf file by Libreoffice.