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    Java in Fedora

    So I tried to write a Helloworld program in my fedora 34 machine. But when I tried to compile it, it said javac not found. I believe I need to set environment variable. Please Help Me On How To Do It! Thanks!!
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    Doubts in 'The Linux Command Line'

    Thanks Man "Because the sym-links must be either: A: A relative path to the target file/directory (based on where the new sym-link will actually be)." I didn't know this. I thought based on where the actual file is.
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    Doubts in 'The Linux Command Line'

    In the first line, the fun shows the original file and fun-sym shows the symbolic link file. While in the second and third line why is it necessary to add "../" before fun and not only just fun. Typing only fun gives a broken link.