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  1. MikeWalsh

    What You Need To Know About Timeshift.

    Ah. Clarification appreciated. So; most of these snapshot/backup/restore tools are NOT, in fact like Clonezilla at all? I know the latter tends to work with drives (or is it partitions?) TimeShift sounds as though it's not so different from what we do in Puppy ( 'snapshotting' directories &...
  2. MikeWalsh

    What You Need To Know About Timeshift.

    @bob466 :- At a guess, I would assume that these backup drive cloning apps - including TimeShift - make a note of the UUID when you backup a drive. This is a unique code assigned to a drive/partition whenever it's formatted. I'm thinking that when you go to restore a backup image, the app...
  3. MikeWalsh

    Thunderbird Mail

    It'll be a case of needing to manually configure T-Bird for this particular mail account. Stuff like GMail, because it's so common, has an autorun 'template' for T-Bird to use. Smaller ISPs/mail providers will still work, but you need to set up certain items the TLS/SSL...
  4. MikeWalsh

    Microphone Adventures with Linux Mint

    Heh. That's what we do here - if we can. We not only try to help, we like to educate as's all to the good in the long run. Mike. :p
  5. MikeWalsh

    Covid Corner

    Nice to see that the thread on COVID here at remained a relatively polite affair. It embarrasses me to say so, but at that time - 4 years ago - we had a small core of individuals in the Puppy community who appeared to see this as the perfect opportunity to start "having a go" at anyone...
  6. MikeWalsh

    Help for choiche a good Linux distro for AMD cpu

    Y'know, without being insulting, you sound like somebody that thinks when CPUs get to 60-70 they're about to melt! This was certainly true of the Pentium 4 generation or around that sort of time frame. Process nodes were relatively large, voltages were a lot higher than they are now, cooling...
  7. MikeWalsh

    Microphone Adventures with Linux Mint

    @JohnJ :- Actually, you say that.......but in my (admittedly limited) experience, all the USB mikes & headsets I've tried are pNp - plug'n'play. No drivers required, by any of 'em. You plug 'em in, and they just 'work', straightaway. The "work", with these USB audio devices, is all taken care...
  8. MikeWalsh

    ffmpeg not playing sound correctly

    @truckerDave :- Our Puppy Forum Admin, rockedge, is also a ZoneMinder afficionado. He's been using it for years. However, even he admits it takes a certain mindset to get the thing up-and-running correctly... Have you explored any of the alternatives? One I often recommend in such a case is...
  9. MikeWalsh

    Microphone Adventures with Linux Mint

    @JohnJ :- I'll second Jas.....for one simple reason. USB "mikes" almost invariably have their own dedicated sound card, usually built-in to the connector. It's why so many of them look like a fat 'dongle', because there's an audio chip stuffed in there as well. Because of this, they bypass the...
  10. MikeWalsh

    The unthinkable has happened: Nvidia has finally embraced open-source GPU drivers

    Uh-huh. Same for me; neither of my Nvidia cards are supported by the current drivers any longer. On the HP desktop rig:- For 32-bit Pups, 390.147 is the newest they can handle For 64-bit Pups, I can go up as far as 470.199.02.....but no further On the Lat, like you I have to settle for...
  11. MikeWalsh

    Scanner Driver software installation

    @JohnJ :- Heh. This is why I stipulated that I haven't used any 'mainstream' distro for a long time.....I'm a bit of an oddball (I've run 'Puppy' for the last 10 years, so draw your own conclusions!) From what I recall, the best way to install .debs is with gDebi.....and I believe this is...
  12. MikeWalsh

    Dell Inspiron 15 3000 series

    That I will agree with. The only time I ever did this was on the ancient Compaq desktop that croaked in Jan 2020. This was some 5 yrs earlier, and was only because I was upgrading the single-core Athlon64 3200+ for a dual-core 3800+ X2 in good nick that I'd picked-up on Fleabay for a fiver...
  13. MikeWalsh

    Scanner Driver software installation

    @JohnJ :- It's an age since I last used a mainstream distro, but from what I remember you need to install the .deb by the usual means first. You then run the Printer install app; the driver should get picked-up from the appropriate location and presented as an option during the process, at...
  14. MikeWalsh

    I finally did it. Windows in the trash!

    @Freepoorman :- Congrats! And welcome to that small percentage of global computer users who have FULL control over their hardware...... The freedom CAN take some getting used to. Enjoy it! Mike. ;)
  15. MikeWalsh

    Is the real world good enough?

    @Alexzee :- As a dentist, I guess you may - or may not! - agree with me. The fad for super-white teeth (mostly promoted by Hollywood, natch) does not, to my way of thinking, look quite "right". Teeth, as they come naturally - OOTB!! :p - are in fact an off-white or slightly darker shade of...
  16. MikeWalsh

    Corel Video Editor

    @InvaderSumo :- In fact, thinking about it, the sole Windows-only video-editor I've ever found that actually "plays nice" with WINE is VideoPad, from NCH Software. And despite that it does exactly what you'd expect it to, many will refuse to have anything to do with apps from NCH Software...
  17. MikeWalsh

    Paint like alternatives for Mint

    Of course, if JJ really wants MSPaint, he could run it.....under WINE. I've had it installed for years in Puppy.....though I wouldn't really recommend installing WINE just for this, since you're looking at around half-a-GB worth of Windows emulation for a 400 kb app. I have WINE installed for a...
  18. MikeWalsh

    Corel Video Editor

    @InvaderSumo :- Depends on what your definition IS of "really good video editor software". As JasKinasis says above, those 3 - Openshot, Flowblade & KDEnlive - are going to be the most obvious candidates. Personally, I don't like Flowblade and /or KDEnlive.......I've been using Openshot for...
  19. MikeWalsh

    Linux (I use MINT) Browsers and VPNs

    I started using Firefox around 2005, back in my XP days; Internet Exploder was just going from bad to say it was useless was being kind to it! FF was a revelation in those days, but within 2-3 years it was getting "iffy"; memory leaks galore, and it developed a nasty habit of...
  20. MikeWalsh

    Dell Inspiron 15 3000 series

    Mama had one of these 3000-series Dell "15"s, several years ago. She lost interest in it after 18 months or so (the arthritis was making it impossible for her to type anything by then), so it sat in the cupboard for 2-3 years. It eventually found its way to my sister, but while it was "idle" I...