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  1. rmch

    Fedora40 released today.

    The Fedora Spins are pretty good. I doubt the default DE is going to matter much. Right now I'm running the Fedora i3 spin while I wait out some Arch nvidia shenanigans. I'm actually surprised with the nouveau driver's quality. Usually I install the dkms/akmod drivers but I don't think I will...
  2. rmch

    Put here the used linux distro and why you are using it.

    I use Arch + Gnome and i3 for daily driver. I have an old development server I use Ubuntu on just because I have too much stuff there to bother moving it. I prefer the do-it-yourself philosophy of Arch and I much prefer Gnome over KDE.
  3. rmch

    Google Chrome and Firejail

    I was interested in this, and learned a few things. Even though chrome does sandbox itself, these types of sandboxes are specific to the browser's internal components and web content; they don't necessarily isolate the browser from the rest of the system to the extent that external tools like...
  4. rmch

    It's time for a poll. How long have you used Linux?

    Started around 2002/2003 and saw the SCO/IBM drama. For enterprises it was Red Hat and Suse back then, although I remember one Sys Admin really liked Slackware.
  5. rmch

    How did you climb up the ladder?

    I went to college for a computer analyst degree around your age. It was 2 years instead of the 4 year university degree. Then I started programming at an insurance company. Coding these days is a lot different than it was back then and is now very commoditized and globalized. Not to mention that...
  6. rmch

    Dipping a toe back into gaming...

    A few Steam games I've been able to run on Ubuntu so far surprisingly have been Lord of the rings online, Everquest 2 and Skyrim. My video card is so old Lutris doesn't even support it.
  7. rmch

    Microsoft release their own Linux distro

    Just looks like a convenient platform for their AKS/containers. Kinda niche.
  8. rmch

    Elevate Your Terraform Game: Helpful Tools for Linux Users"

    Nice write up. My only experience so far with IaC is with AWS Cloudformation. They also have something called the CDK (cloud development kit) which basically lets you write IaC in typical programming languages. What are you doing with Terraform project-wise or at work? Also what work role is...
  9. rmch

    Ubuntu 23.04

    It does have a different installer (GUI wise anyway). It also seemed flaky for me, as in it wouldn't progress to the dark/light mode set-up and quit the installer without warning.
  10. rmch

    Ubuntu 23.04

    So I installed 22.04.2 LTS from scratch on that 3rd SSD and it works. What's interesting though is that the boot up info screenshot in my first post still shows in the LTS boot screen anyway. I guess it was there all along so it's only a problem with 23.
  11. rmch

    Ubuntu 23.04

    Writing this on Fedora 38 just fine. Guess I'll try going back to Ubuntu LTS.
  12. rmch

    Ubuntu 23.04

    Yeah, sorry for the vagueness. I'm running an older computer (Intel i7-3770k) with 3 internal SSDs. I boot from whichever by selecting through BIOS. One boots to Win 10 which I'm using now perfectly fine. Another booted to Ubuntu 22.04 which I've used all day and just upgraded to 23.04 (doesn't...
  13. rmch

    Ubuntu 23.04

    Has anyone upgraded to this yet? I tried from 22.04, and also tried installing 23.04 onto a new SSD and in both cases when I boot up I get this, and it just flashes over and over. Is it my BIOS do you think?
  14. rmch

    HERE is what i do hate the most about "coding"...

    Spoiler: The 666 after the : is just the result if frequency[number] is not > than high. And since you don't care if the number is not > than high then you can make it anything you want, like 666 because you're not doing anything with it. The statement should really be coded like this: if...
  15. rmch

    HERE is what i do hate the most about "coding"...

    Yup I wouldn't write code like that but it made you think ;) Some compiler setups won't use %zu so just use %d or %u or something. If you like doing this type of stuff maybe try learning some C sort methods (bubble, merge, quick, etc).
  16. rmch

    HERE is what i do hate the most about "coding"...

    For fun, try this out instead of your big compound && statement: int high = 0; int element = 0; for (size_t number = 0; number < SIZE; ++number) { frequency[number] > high ? high = frequency[number], element = number : 666; // # of the beast } printf ("\n%zu was the...
  17. rmch

    HERE is what i do hate the most about "coding"...

    I would suggest picking a language and trying a Udemy course. They have beginner to expert on lots of topics. Cheap too if you wait for the sales.
  18. rmch

    HERE is what i do hate the most about "coding"...

    Right, but what are you trying to do with C? bash I can surmise. @sphen yup, I was programming around that time but didn't do any driver coding. Did a fair bit of assembly language though. Loved it :)
  19. rmch

    HERE is what i do hate the most about "coding"...

    What are you trying to do. I know many programming languages; including ones I don't like.
  20. rmch

    Trying Out Oracle Cloud Free Tier (Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, aka OCI)

    Interesting read. I worked with Oracle products for years (but not cloud, it was just coming out at the time), so I can commiserate. Just some comments if you try out AWS Free Tier instead (fyi: I am an AWS certified Developer, Solutions Architect and Security Specialist): -For AWS you can...