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  1. spacebanana

    What is your home set-up?

    I don't have pictures but I can describe my 2 environments: desktop and laptop I don't play games as much as I make software or digital art so I'm not very demanding in terms of hardware specs and peripherals, with a few exceptions like monitors, headsets and mice. Also my OS is NixOS and I...
  2. spacebanana

    What Do YOU Look For in a Desktop Linux? How Do YOU Choose?

    When choosing a distro, these are my preferences: Rolling release or point release that updates frequently Base distro, branch/fork distro that uses the same exact repository as the father distro, or a branch/fork that does not continuously depend itself on the parent distro's repository...
  3. spacebanana

    My observations on Bookworm

    I don't recommend installing Debian with the live image because, the last time I did that, it installed more packages than I wanted. It just installs more bloat than with the regular installer RAM usage being high is weird. On my Debian testing machine, I get around 600-700MB of RAM usage on boot
  4. spacebanana

    systems suitable for the new user

    Linux systems are very light, it will mostly depend on the desktop environment you use. But even if you use a heavy desktop, it will mostly only affect ram usage You have 2GB of RAM, this is very low, so you will want to use swap memory What kind of tasks will you do in this computer? Since...
  5. spacebanana

    trouble with linux

    On any distro, you can install different desktops Since it says Ubuntu, that desktop option is probably Gnome, but how you have gnome installed I'm not sure.... Do you want to keep that desktop?
  6. spacebanana

    trouble with linux

    Mint is a fork of Ubuntu, it takes the package repository of Ubuntu and derivates from it (except for Mint Debian Edition) There are many packages in the system that still have "-ubuntu" on their package name or in the actual contents, and this is just another case where they didn't modify the...
  7. spacebanana

    Problemas com o microfone

    Olá Nós precisamos de mais informação de sistema e configuração de áudio para podermos ajudar O sistema está a usar pulseaudio ou pipewire? O problema até poderá ser bastante simples e ser uma má configuração ou mais complicado e ser um problema mais profundo, mas só conseguimos saber se...
  8. spacebanana

    What distro logo do you like the most?

    I mentioned logos when I created the thread but eventually it started including wallpapers
  9. spacebanana

    What distro logo do you like the most?

    I personally love NixOS and Debian's logos. Those are also the 2 distros I use the most. Coincidence? Bias? Maybe... I just really like the spiral and the snowflake and their colours, and they fit nicely as a logo
  10. spacebanana

    Where did your username come from?

    I've had many nicknames in the past, until I thought of the name Space Banana in 2015. I used to play a lot of Star Wars Battlefront 2, the original one from 2005. I played both the ps2 and pc ports, nowadays just pc. In 2015, EA's reboot of this franchise started, and while now I don't really...
  11. spacebanana

    Hello Linuxers

    Thanks everyone
  12. spacebanana

    Post screenshots of the games you play on GNU/Linux

    First is Garry's Mod, second is Touhou 15
  13. spacebanana

    Hello Linuxers

    I am currently daily driving Debian testing, but I'm considering a full switch to NixOS on all machines
  14. spacebanana

    Hello Linuxers

    I daily drive Linux since 2021, but only now I decided to participate in forums, I love forums My favourite distros are NixOS, Debian testing and Arch
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    Welcome to the gang
  16. spacebanana

    Does anyone here do linux gaming w/out steam?

    This is my list of non-Steam games I can think of: Console games (emulated) Touhou 6 to Touhou 8 (the rest of the official Touhou games is on Steam) Minecraft TLOPO (a community relaunch of the long dead POTCO) For PC games I mostly play games that are on Steam Ubuntu is fine. When it comes...