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  1. jglen490

    Need help changing Videos, Music, Documents, etc... folder locations.

    Yes, I would agree that there are administrative things that must, from time to time, be done on a system to keep that system from choking on its own success. I've done it, others have done it, you've probably done it, too. Its simply the best way to go. Moving a fully grown /home to a new...
  2. jglen490

    Pinxi the New inxi

    Honesty is refreshing! Features are good. Bugs, well, ... :)
  3. jglen490

    Need help changing Videos, Music, Documents, etc... folder locations.

    I don't disagree, but the OP statement: "(I don't want to change the /home location so my desktop stays in place.)" concerned me. I'm not sure what that could mean. /home doesn't care where it is, only that it is mounted. By experience, I've had my /home on a different physical disk away from...
  4. jglen490

    Pinxi the New inxi

    I'm pretty sure that inxi has been transitioned to Perl, and that pinxi was the Perl development branch while inxi still existed as bash and awk. This was all taking place around 2018 - 2019. And the smxi home page doesn't list pinxi anymore.
  5. jglen490

    Need help changing Videos, Music, Documents, etc... folder locations.

    /home is /home regardless of where it's mounted. If it's on an SSD it acts and contains the same as it would on an HDD.
  6. jglen490

    Backup plan

    All great products, and choices. I use rsync and have a text file with the four versions of the command, with applicable options, that I use with my four different USB backup drives.
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    Linux newbie install issues

    Sure, it's a "business decision", 32 bit is not a priority (for whatever reasons). Not wanting to deal with it is not an evil decision, it is based on rational decision-making. And @stan has a good point; at best, any current 32 bit machines are going to be niche devices.
  8. jglen490

    Linux newbie install issues

    Maybe so. But it's not that 32bit source code doesn't exist upstream, it's just that *buntu doesn't want to deal with it. Yes, 32bit will become more difficult to find, just because the demand isn't as great as it used to be. It'll be "niche-ware".
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    Is an encrypted Linux file system really useless without the password?

    Quite frankly, no computer system is completely secure, or secureable. Unless your PC/laptop has nuclear security codes, the bad guys are not going to be interested in your system as an acceptable target with any sort of reasonably complex security; it'll take too long to get in to make it...
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    Elementary OS (Solved)

    Windows apps: these don't run natively in Linux. Two alternatives - find Linux apps that have the same functionality, or learn how to set up a virtual machine to run Windows within Linux. A good firewall is ufw, and a GUI is available for it - gufw. A good antivirus is, in my opinion, a...
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    failed to finalize file systems

    Let's try looking at it a bit differently. In a terminal enter: lsblk -f
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    Linux newbie install issues

    Just looking at my Downloads folder, there's AntiX, Bohdi, Debian, and Peppermint - all of which are or have 32 bit variants. You might try looking at, which has a good search facility to select parameters such i386, i486, i586, i686 all of which are 32 bit, or by CPU. Or you...
  13. jglen490

    Backup plan

    Any rsync based GUI like Grsync or Flyback, or rsync itself will do what you need without needing to re-engineer your installation.
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    Who have loved and now Gparted

    If you are running Ubuntu, then installing KDE Partition Manager will probably bring in some KDE dependencies. Other than that there should not be any problems.
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    Website for non-profit Americares doesn't seem to work using Linux

    Kubuntu 20.04.2 LTS Firefox. Pops right up. Alabama, USA.
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    installing graphic drivers & choosing distro?

    You didn't actually identify which distro you are using right now, but sort of indicated you may be using an Ubuntu. If so, it would be useful to know which variant (Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Lubuntu, etc.) and which version(19.10, 20.04, 20.10, etc). When using a current Linux distro, finding tools to...
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    Learn one way to check your CPU temperatures.

    100% with this!
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    Taking better advantage of SSD+HDD config in installation

    That usually means that /dev/sdb1 is mounted. You can unmount it, and then retry the command.
  19. jglen490

    Taking better advantage of SSD+HDD config in installation

    And I would think hard about chmod 777 before applying it ;)