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    sudo su - and su -

    Hello, whats the difference between sudo su - and su - kind regards,
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    Hello, Who explain me what this command do : grep -v grep Kind regards,
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    Linux console address

    Hello, For exp if the linux server is down, how to connect to the linux console ? So they told me to find the console address in case the server is down to do troubleshooting. Kind regards,
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    redirect multiple output command linux bash script

    Hello, How to redirect multiple command in a text file by a shell script i did like this : #!/bin/sh exec 5>&1 >> /tmp/file1.txt echo "-------" /usr/sbin/lsattr -E -l sys0 -a realmem echo "-------" /usr/sbin/lsps -a exec 1>&5 5>&- There is a simple way to do it ? Kind regards,
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    System Linux - Audit -

    Hello, I'm working like junior system administrator and they gave me a task to get all data about system, so the question its what should i extract like a data to do a system audit, what i did its : - uname -a - df -k - vg - lv - filesystems - top so can someone help with what shoul i do or...
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    Exec a cmd as root from another user without switch user

    Hello, how to Exec a cmd as root from another user without switch user. exp : su - root -c cat listing.txt but it doesnt work it not show anything it stay bliking Kind regards,
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    CentOS 8 - Minimal installation - FullDcreen VirtualBox

    Hello, How can i put my terminal in full screen by a command line i installed Guest Additionals when i use this command : system-config-display --reconfig --set-resolution=1920x1200 ==> system-config-display doesnt exist xrandr => cannot display error message Can you help me ? Kind regards
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    Loading .bash_profile of a new user automaticaly

    Hello, After i setup postgres packages i wanna load the .bash_profil after using su - postgres because i use source ~/.bash_profil -bash-4.2$ cat ~/.bash_profil [ -f /etc/profile ] && source /etc/profile PGDATA=/opt/rh/postgresql92/root/var/lib/pgsql/data export PGDATA PATH=$PATH ...
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    Grep with number of caractere

    Hello, How to grep by number of caractere for exp : if i wanna grep for file with 5 caractere like momos how can i do that ? ls | grep -E [a-z]\{5\} kind regards
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    ls -l | grep

    Hello, why when i use ls -l with grep it doesnt show any results but with ls it give me the results
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    Linux Command - Practice

    Hello guys, I'm a linuxien beginner and i wanna pratice those cmd - someone has exercices when i can practice ? Thx in advance
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    sort - cut - command

    Hello, i need sort the lines of file passwd (/etc/passwrd) through " group ID "(order descending) and through" user ID " (order increasing) with cut commandkind regards,