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    Where to learn more about BASH?

    I've come through the advanced tutorial Programming with BASH and I am quite interested in it. So where and how can I learn BASH programming systematically and comprehensively? Thanks in advance!
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    Hardware driver

    Hello! I've just installed Ubuntu on my computer. How do I find the proper drivers for a particular computer hardware peripheral? Assume that I have a AMD display card. Are there any communities or forums where I can find some driver softwares? Thanks!
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    command tar and gzip

    Hello! I am a little confused at the 'UnTar' part. Say I have a tarball file ‘mytarball.tar.gz’. As how I understand the process, I created the tarball with tar command first, then gzip tool. Should I untar the tarball and then gunzip it, or gunzip it first and then use the untar command? Thanks!