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    Trying to learn CentOS

    I have been trying to learn CentOS so I can manage the server. I am currently using shared hosting for my site and soon I will be migrating to VPS or something else. As I am learning so I need to practice the linux commands without any problem such as installing apache through yum and running...
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    Connecting Server CentOS with Desktop

    I am looking for a tutorial where I can learn in a step by step way. I want to learn about 'Connecting VPS's Server CentOS with Windows Desktop', 'Creating Databases and all necessary things' & 'Configuring my site in it'. Thanks in advance.
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    What's the difference between a PC Linux and Server Linux

    Hello, Pardon me if I am being too odd. I don't know much about PC Linux. And my hosting is providing me SSH access for Server Linux. So, what's the difference between their codes? Are they alike or different? I don't know about codes. But I am willing to learn. Root access server codes are...