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    Can I use the full site tar.gz backup from shared site in my local PC server

    Hi, Can I use the tar.gz full site backup from shared host in my local server? I would like to have a local backup of all my shared sites on my local apache Linux PC (Zorin) If so, what is the best way for em to unravel the zip so it all falls into place in the correct folder. Thank you
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    Is there just one 000-default.conf file

    Hi, I am trying to set up an Apache webserver and going okay albiet it very slow, but every now and then get confused with instructions. I have several sites in their own (www/html/site1) folders but need to know do I need the 000-default and site enabled files etc in each folder or is they...
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    Move folders in gui

    Hi, I have Zorin 15 (UB18.04) I am trying to move some folders from opt/lampp/htdocs to var/www/html/ but permissions as root keep stopping me. Have tried a few thing to no avail. Seemed there was gksu but that is now defunct. Error moving file /opt/lampp/htdocs/1300rentbuy: Permission...