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    Physical Disk Partition Mounts Problematic in Home Folder.

    Hello guys. Recently I set up multiple partitions on a 2nd physical drive and mounted them within my home folder. I assumed it had just worked, but I've now noticed it has not. After a bit of poking around I have made progress (in a way) but am stumped, moreover I've tried searching for this...
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    Multiple Link Target Change

    Hey guys. I've come to the obvious post-realisation with my backups of personal files that any link file within my home folder breaks if I import them to a linux user with a different username, and thus home directory name. My first attempt at Linux I put the user as "owner", thus the home...
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    Belated Introduction

    Call me blind, but I didn't realise this was a thing. I've noticed now and here's my intro. From Scotland, and in my 20s. The profiles I've clicked on so far all say they're 50+ in age, so that makes me feel young. Currently switching to Linux Mint MATE from Windows 10. I think we all know how...
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    Tablet PC: Pen-Monitor & Remote Mapping, WINE Pen Pressure & More <partially solved>

    Thread summary: Problem: Output Digital Audio Workstation audio into a virtual input/output to input into other programs solution: These tutorials - &...
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    Switiching to Linux: One Windows Store App

    Hello! I finally got fed with with Microsoft and Windows 10 with their October update that deleted user's files (my drives were not wiped, but seemingly random files were corrupted -- had them all backed-up thankfully). Since October I've been doing my thorough research on switching to linux...