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    Zorin OS 15 and Privacy Concerns

    Hi, Thanks for the info. This is also why you want some network monitoring when concerned about privacy. This kind of monitoring is obvious at least. Imagine if they hide it in the repo updates or anything more "legit"... Keeping privacy is like fighting crime, we wish we could enforce it but...
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    0.01 Keyboard Issues

    Hello, You should ask here : There's a chance that the manufacturer didn't go with a very custom controller, so maybe you will be able to use some open-source generic firmware :)
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    df -h showing less space used than actual data in it

    Hello, There are plenty of topics out there about different results from du and df. The most notable distinction between the two tools is that df operates at the filesystem level while du acts on a per file basis. df means "grab the filesystem on which lays the directory and tell me info...
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    Screen Resolution

    Hi, Did you try to set a lower frequency with xrandr ? If a lower frequency solves the problem it is probably some power saving feature that needs some configuration (I remember a recent thread about this).
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    Flip mouse axis? You can use Xorg to flip the axis for the whole desktop with Option "InvY" "true" You will probably have to generate an xorg.conf file with Xorg -configure then edit the /etc/X11/xorg.conf to add the option to the mouse...
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    Making ISO file a bootable USB in linux

    An other option, depending on the level of performance you need, is to put windows in a VM.–-libvirt-gui.4497/
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    Adding program rules to ufw application.d open ports to ALL apps?

    Technically, you can make the OVPN service run under a specific user and add an iptable with the "owner" module to allow the network traffic of this user with any filter that please you. But I guess you will have a hard time finding a GUI to do this.
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    first thing to do on a freshly installed linux os before stepping into internet world ?

    Hi, Firewall In your post about video acceleration you said you did everything with GUI so maybe what I'm going to say is irrelevant, but : Firewall in Linux is handled at the kernel level. There is a legacy system called IPTABLES and a new system called netfilter tables or nftables. You can...
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    `at` Not Working

    As I said in this case you are not switching the user. The DISPLAY env is simply not set. After checking "at" man page : Which means that "at" command actually saves the env of the invocation. But it removes the DISPLAY variable.
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    WHY only covert dport to host short in inet_lookup_listener?

    OK I checked in details and the hasing algorithm works on u32 so we can forget what I said. It seems that the difference is in the socket structure itself : I'm still trying to figure out why the...
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    Why linux kernel can't update ipv6 conf via netlink.

    What I understand is that you are trying to change some kernel parameters from inside a docker container. You can't change the hosts kernel parameters from inside a container You need to set the proper parameters on your host. You can also set some sysctl on the container itself, but the...
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    Kali Linux live distro deadlocks on boot

    Add some boot options to your kernel. Checkout "systemd.unit" if you think this is systemd related.
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    Plex Server on Raspberry Pi4 issue

    You have to add this as a kernel boot option. Since you're on a Pi I don't know if you have any bootloader. If you have grub or something like this, edit the boot command and add "init=/bin/bash", which will give you a root shell straight after the booting process and will allow you to fix what...
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    WHY only covert dport to host short in inet_lookup_listener?

    Probably because most operations during the hashing process acts on a byte level, which makes the byte order not important for computation. However the dport is used as a math operator in a whole, which means the result of the computation will be different depending on the byte order. Now why...
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    Why linux kernel can't update ipv6 conf via netlink.

    I didn't understand what you mean and I think I'm not the only one. What did you try to do exactly ? never heard of "net-admin" to configure anything on linux. Can you give us more details ?
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    Unable to detect wifi hardware on an owasys embbeded system running Debian 9

    It means this is not a signed module or the module is corrupted. It could be relevant or absolutly not. I don't know what else to say. Did you try to reboot the device ? What's the output of # ip link show
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    Plex Server on Raspberry Pi4 issue

    There's a typo in the article. There's a command that is not on it own line and appears as a comment. Do this before the chown stuff and things are going to be alright : # mkdir /disks /disks/c /disks/media3 /disks/chuck2t # exit
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    How to automatically run in safe mode in OpenSuse

    Hi, Sorry I forgot to answer on your other thread. You have to edit grub config :